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Free Short Science Fiction Novels
Choose one of the short science fiction novels from the list below. These wildly imaginative novels take you far from the comforting normality of your life to worlds and situations beyond belief. Your brain will be eternally grateful for such stimulation!
Free Science Fiction Novel - Bone PitBone Pit
The capture would bring them huge rewards and raise their status with the elders. But the risks were extreme, and they were almost certain to pay the ultimate price.
Free Science Fiction Novel - HippiesHippies
They sit on our roads, they hug all our trees, they blockade our naval bases, and they smell very bad indeed. Where do they come from, and what is their true purpose here on planet Earth?
Free Science Fiction Novel - Toxic VenomToxic Venom
Lex and Antoine need to boost their channel's ratings, and an interview with Mac Mytar, the most vicious and corrupt businessman in the galaxy, will do the trick. Unfortunately Mac is not cooperating.
Free Science Fiction Novel - High-Tech Green ThingHigh-Tech Green Thing
Something dark and brooding is invading the valley of Omahl. Only a green-skinned hero with plenty of technology has any chance of dealing with the threat, and saving the locals from an agonising fate.
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