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The Palace of Amino contains full-length science fiction novels, short novels and very short stories written by Peter Fothergill. All are available to read for free online, and the full-length and short novels can be purchased for reading in Amazon's Kindle format.

The author continues to write, so new novels and short stories will be added on a regular basis.

Free Science Fiction Novels and Stories - about the author

Peter Fothergill has been writing science fiction novels and short stories since his time at university in the early 1990s.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science and Philosophy he found employment as a researcher with a financial publisher. The appalling level of pay quickly forced him to move into a more lucrative IT role in the telecommunications industry, and then a few years later into the financial sector.

Throughout his career his writing has been a fantastic mechanism for him to escape the stresses and strains of the corporate world and his daily commute on the London Underground.

As well as creative writing, Peter enjoys composing and recording music, which he has done with friends since the late 1980s. Using the unusual and charming name of 'Dayglo Fishermen', his band records at their dedicated production facility in Buckinghamshire, near London, England. They regularly release their work online at their website,, which currently lists more than 200 of the band's songs to download for free.

Peter lives with his wife and young family in London, England. To send him an email click here.


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