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Book: Toxic Venom
Chapter 5: Jobs

Kent Diamond stared intently at Lex and Antoine from behind his huge leather clad desk. Carnage Tonight had been off the air for three nights now, and looked set to stay off the air for at least another two.

"You two idiots have caused me so many problems I ought to demote you to trainee assistant tea strainers right now!"

The two journalists shuddered. They had both spent the first ten years of their careers doing that and could not bear the thought of doing it again.

"Please don't do that." Lex said. "Laundry officer, food preparator. Anything but trainee assistant tea strainer!"

Antoine nodded. "Yeah, anything but trainee assistant tea strainer."

Kent looked at the two journalists. 'If the communication I received this morning from our ratings department hadn't occurred, I would have demoted you to the lowest level straight away."

Lex and Antoine looked at each other in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Antoine asked.

"Apparently, the commercials that I ordered just after the mechanoid revealed its identity were never played. The cameras kept on broadcasting. The whole scene was transmitted for all to see."

"Really?" Antoine asked.

"Yes. And it appears that it was one of the most popular items that we've ever shown. Several million viewers have already sent communications stating that they can't wait for the show to return. News of our studio's live destruction has been reported in all of the central world's publications and on most television channels."

"Wow!" The journalists said in unison.

"We have become the best known and most eagerly awaited show ever."

Lex and Antoine leapt into the air. "And it's all because of us!" They shouted.

"True." Kent Diamond said as the two Journalists landed heavily. "But, as it was not your intention for this to occur, the credit will be held entirely by me."

"That's unfair!" Lex exclaimed.

"It is perfectly fair." Kent said. "You still caused an incredible amount of damage to our building and brought a life threatening mechanoid into the Cavern of Sensationalism. I would be within my rights to demote you."

"Yes, sir." Lex said quietly.

"However," Kent said, "because I am very generous in nature. I intend to let you keep you jobs as journalists."

"Excellent!" Lex and Antoine said with relief.

"But only in a more mundane way."

"What do you mean?"

"Instead of working on 'Carnage Tonight', you'll be working on 'Cartography Monthly'."

"No!" Lex said "That's boredom beyond reason!"

"Take it or leave it."

"Well take it." Lex said.

Kent smiled. "Great! You start tomorrow. Report to the editor, Hugh Crater. I think your first assignment will be an in-depth study of the internal systems architecture of map devices."

Lex placed his head in his hands and cried.

Antoine, however, leapt into the air and yelled at the top of his voice. "Yes!"

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