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Book: High-Tech Green Thing
Chapter 5: Bits of Tubing

The flying machine descended rapidly into the cavern. Slowing quickly, it landed as gently as a feather on the platform. High-Tech Green Thing jumped through the hatch under the cockpit and landed on the smooth platform surface. He walked towards the back of the flying machine and met Ysabell coming down the exit ramp. Jock, barely conscious and looking extremely forlorn, followed her down.

High-Tech Green Thing faced the flying machine. “Eject the cryogenic capsule.”

A small oval black object popped out of the flying machine’s underside and slammed into the platform’s surface. The noise of the impact echoed around the huge cavern.

High-Tech Green Thing picked up the capsule and marched off towards a large steel door in the wall of the cavern. “Please follow me.”

Ysabell and Jock followed.

“You are both extremely lucky.” High-Tech Green Thing said, making conversation. “You are the first outsiders to see my secret underground base.”

“Just get on with saving Sprag.” Ysabell said. She was obviously not in the mood for small talk.

High-Tech Green Thing nodded. “I most certainly will.” He reached the door and pushed a large square button beside it. The door lifted silently away into the ceiling. He walked through into a huge and impressively equipped laboratory. Ysabell followed. Jock, still highly stressed, collapsed into unconsciousness in the cavern. The door fell closed.

High-Tech Green Thing walked to the centre of the laboratory and placed the cryogenic capsule into hatch in the side of a complicated-looking piece of machinery. “Thaw and regenerate.”

The equipment replied. “I OBEY.”

“Watch this.” High-Tech Green Thing said, turning to face Ysabell. “It’s fun!”

The capsule opened and the frozen brain of Sprag rose into a spherical glass chamber on the top of the machine. A bright light shone on the brain for a few seconds, transforming it into a floppy warm state. The brain was then directed along a tube until it came to a stop hovering over a large metal chair.

“Construct cyborg design three.”


Without a moments notice, machine parts, electronic components, and various bits of tubing appeared from the ceiling and were quickly fitted together by long thin metal arms. Within less than two minutes the synthetic body was complete. The arms retracted.

“CYBORG CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE.” The machine said with a light touch of satisfaction.

High-Tech Green Thing was impressed. “Very good!” He had never used this machine before. “Connect up the brain.”


The machine whirred to life once again. The brain dropped into an orifice between the broad metal shoulders of the cyborg. A microsurgery probe connected Sprag’s mind to the neural systems of the artificial body. The probe withdrew and a silver dome with two red eyes was placed over the orifice where the brain had been fitted. The two red eyes were now illuminated.


High-Tech Green Thing was delighted. “Absolutely stunning. Sprag is back!”

Ysabell was suspicious. “Are you sure?” She asked, looking up and down the huge metal cyborg. The events she had just witnessed had caused her some bewilderment.

“Of course. Sprag, stand up.”

The cyborg stood up, its servos and motivators whirred and buzzed as it did so. “Hello, Ysabell.” It said in a synthetic and warbled tone. “Hello, High-Tech Green Thing.”

High-Tech Green Thing spoke. “You have been saved from the slime by my advanced technology. You now possess a superior body of steel and other alloys. You have extremely enhanced strength, and a lifetime guarantee!”

The Sprag cyborg spoke. “I must destroy slime.”

“Already done!” High-Tech Green Thing announced proudly. “I atomized it myself.”

The cyborg pointed to the floor behind Ysabell. “I must destroy slime.”

“I said that I already…”

High-Tech Green Thing was interrupted by a shrill scream from Ysabell. He turned. Ysabell was watching, in horror, a large globule of slime oozing from a tiny crack in the floor.

High-Tech Green Thing was dumbfounded. “Dear me.”

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