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Book: High-Tech Green Thing
Chapter 2: Proud and Powerful

A giant gold-plated dessert spoon scooped up a large dollup of blue and purple speckled high-fat yogurt and poured it over Green Thing as he wallowed in huge vat of warm milk chocolate. He writhed in ecstasy as the textures of warm and cool bathed his very soul. Two thousand small and cuddly toys began to swim through the brown haze, laughing inanely…

“Signal!” the messenger bird squawked. “Signal!”

Green Thing sat up sharply. “Wow!” he exclaimed. “What an odd dream.”


A Low and undulating tone was causing the ornaments above the fireplace to rattle.

Green Thing’s eyes widened. “The signal! Of course!” He turned and opened the messenger bird’s cage. “To the caverns!” He shouted, leaping out of bed and into the darkest corner of the hut. He pulled on a large lever. “And to glory!”

A door in the floor sprang open. Green Thing tumbled into the abyss below. The bird followed.

After a few seconds Green Thing’s fall was broken by a deep feather mattress. He got to his feet and bounded down a thin passageway, his messenger bird flapped furiously along behind him. At the end of the passageway an amazing cavern opened up. Majestic stalactites of all sized covered the high ceiling, whilst below a seemingly bottomless crevasse faded into darkness.

A circular illuminated platform could be seen at the centre of the cavern. On it stood one of the most awesome and heavily armed flying machine ever to exist. The flying machine, almost sixty metres in length, was covered in black armour plating, giving it a suitably menacing and deadly appearance.

A control console next to the platform flickered to life, filling numerous display surfaces with complex information. A reassuring message sounded from the console’s audio system. “CENTRAL CONTROL SYSTEMS ACTIVATED. SYSTEM STATUS ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT.”

Green Thing shouted. “Activate suit system.”

A gleaming silver cubicle rose out of the platform. A door whooshed open. Green Thing ran inside. The door thudded shut behind him. A loud hissing sound echoed round the cavern.

After only one second the door of the cubicle whooshed open once again. A cloud of steam billowed out.


High-Tech Green Thing leaped out of the cubicle and landed noisily on the platform, taking up a proud and powerful stance. He was wearing black body armour – a perfect match for his flying machine – and a black spherical helmet that completely covered his head. The helmet’s visor shone a hypnotic shade of green. A thick belt was wrapped tightly round his waist, covered in compact and useful gadgets and tools.

The cubicle disappeared back into the platform’s surface.

Striding confidently, High-Tech Green Thing walked towards the front of the flying machine. A ladder descended from its underside. He grabbed it. Immediately the ladder retracted, pulling the hero up into an opening in the hull and straight into the flying machine’s cockpit. The messenger bird followed.

Once inside, High-Tech Green Thing sat himself into a well-padded chair. The messenger bird perched right behind him. The cockpit’s display surfaces faded up and displayed reams of information on the huge flying machine’s status and functionality.

High-Tech Green Thing issued two commands. “Initiate launch sequence. Open the cavern doors.”

“I OBEY.” The flying machine responded.

From the cockpit’s panoramic transparent canopy a widening shaft of light could be seen up on the cavern’s ceiling. The flying machine’s propulsion system rumbled to life.



With a blast of super-heated particles, the flying machine rose like a hawk on acid and blasted through the opening in the cavern’s ceiling.

High-Tech Green Thing looked around at the green and pleasant landscape that fell away below. “Locate the origin of the distress horn.”

The flying machine’s computer obeyed. “LOCATING… ORIGIN: THE VILLAGE OF GRIMUK IN THE VALLEY OF OMAHL.”

High-Tech Green Thing shook his head. “I bet it has something to do with that stupid apeworm. All right, take us there.”


The flying machine rolled to the west and thundered towards its destination.

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