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Title: The Tooth Entity

I remember the the first time I saw it on a TV news report only two weeks ago; an image from directly overhead, peering down onto the huge silver object that had smashed into the Colosseum in Rome, crushing the ancient arena into an unrecognisable pile of rubble.  Over the following days videos, most shaky, of it arcing through the sky spread across the internet, as did numerous articles speculating on the object's origins. The videos showed its distinctive canine tooth shape, approaching a hundred metres tall.  It was nicknamed 'The Tooth Entity'.  It was fascinating.


And then it moved once more.


Cameras followed it as it rose into the sky and headed north. The world stopped and watched, shocked, as it landed in Pula, Croatia, smashing into the ground at what was the site of another Roman arena.  Dozens were killed.


Fascination turned to fear.


NATO were now involved, and soon plans were announced to destroy the Tooth Entity. But the moment before the attack the entity moved again. Heading west it arced through the clear skies over the Swiss Alps and down to Lyon. Once again it plunged into a Roman arena; the Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls.  More than a hundred died.

It made four more jumps across Europe, all televised, and all terrifying to watch. A pattern was emerging. 

And now, after two weeks, its next stop was expected to be London.


I knew from the excited radio commentary in my earphones that it would only be a couple of minutes. I watched the sky from the roof of my City office, waiting, as numerous RAF aircraft circled beneath the clouds. Central London was almost deserted; the evacuation over the previous days had been swift and controlled, and very successful. Almost all had heeded the advice. I was one of the few who felt compelled to stay.

The low cloud cover meant that I heard it a long time before I saw it, a shrill whine overlaying a deep throb. And then it fell into view. With what seemed like ease it crushed the Guildhall Art Gallery, built on the site of London’s Roman amphitheatre, and sank up to the hilt of its tooth. Being only a mile away, I was knocked off my feet by the strength of the tremour that followed. The sound of thousands of windows shattering rang out across the city. A thick cloud of dust shrouded the impact site.

Over the next couple of hours I watched as the dust cleared, revealing a dull metallic dome.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of military and police personnel surrounded the Tooth Entity, securing the area.  And then scientists and researchers were flown in shortly afterwards.  They are the first to examine it this closely, as far as I can tell. 


I can’t wait to read about their discoveries...

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