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Title: Pachyderm

“It’s not normal for elephants to jump that high, is it?”  Markus said as he watched the pachyderm soar in a ballistic arc hundreds of metres above his head.  Even at this distance, he could see the animal’s thick legs and trunk flailing wildly against the clear evening sky.

Suzet was also watching.  “I don’t think it’s normal for elephants to jump at all!”

They watched as the slowly tumbling elephant plummeted down and smashed noisily through the roof of a restaurant.

Markus was shocked.  “That’s ‘Thai River’ – my favourite place to eat!”

Suzet laughed.  “It’s not all bad.  They’ll have more meat for their menu!”

Markus turned and glared at Suzet.  “You idiot!  They don’t eat elephants in Thailand!”

She grinned.  “Really?  I thought they did!”

There was another crash.  The two friends looked round.  Another elephant had landed, this time on top of a car parked in a nearby street.  The elephant’s body could be seen spread-eagled across the car’s flattened roof, its blood and entrails oozing onto the asphalt.  Hundreds of people were now running to get away from the scene.

Suzet looked up.  “There are three more of them!”

They both followed the elephants’ journey until they smashed into more buildings and cars.

Markus was now angry.  “Where are those damn creatures coming from?  How can they jump like that?  Why are they doing it?!”

Suzet took his hand.  “Who cares?  It’s just a bunch of stuff that’s happening.”

Markus pushed her hand away.  “How can you dismiss it so lightly?”

She took his hand again.  “Because, one day the sun will expand and consume the earth.  And then nothing will matter.  If nothing will matter in a billion years time, then I see no reason for anything to matter now.”

Markus thought for a few seconds.  “Well, that does put things into perspective, I suppose.”

“It does!”  Suzet said, dragging Markus away.

Through an increasingly dense shower of elephants, the two friends headed home.

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