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Title: Doctor Mongus

Dani slammed her fist hard onto the door panel. With a hiss, the door’s powerful hydraulic locking mechanism slammed the door shut. The deafening sound of the storm outside was silenced.

With a sigh of relief, Dani wandered over to the small window cut into the rock face and looked out at the swelling ocean and darkening skies. It’s time, she thought, blinking as water splashed on the glass, it’s finally time. Using her fingers, she attempted to brush her long dark hair into a more presentable style. She winced as she pulled at the knotted mass - it felt coarse and thick with salt spray.

After straightening her uniform, Dani sat down at her console and activated the communicator. A small display screen flickered to life. “Visual: Doctor Mongus.” She instructed.

After a few seconds the call was answered. The image of a pale-skinned man appeared, his facial features cratered with age. The man’s long white hair was gelled into a tall spiral above his head. “Dani? What do you want?

“It is time.” she answered, trying hard to suppress the anxious excitement in her voice.

Are you sure?

“Yes. The disturbance is clear.”

Doctor Mongus frowned, doubling the amount of lines on his ancient face. “I’ll initiate things down here. Do you need assistance?

Dani shook her head. “I can manage.”

You look unsure, my dear?

She smiled nervously. “It’s what I’m trained for.”

The doctor nodded. “I’m proud of you. Your sacrifice will help save our sanctuary. But you needn’t die alone. I’ll send someone up to die with you - Hulios, or maybe Garth. You can suffer together.

Dani wanted to accept. At this time, more than ever, she needed the companionship of a muscular man. But her death was necessary, whereas his would not be. “You’re very kind, but this task is mine, and mine alone.”

Very well. Be strong, Dani.

The image of the doctor faded. Dani activated a few more controls…

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