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Title: The Amorphous Blob

The noise the thing made as it undulated across the deserted street was nauseating. Both Jack and Simeon were on the verge of throwing up. The putrid smell did not help.

“What the hell is it?” Jack asked, as the amorphous blob squelched closer. Its shimmering surface glistened in the sunlight.

Simeon shook his head. His hand covered his nose. “Not sure. Some kind of skinless hog?”

Jack looked at his friend and scowled. “What kind of stupid answer was that?”

“At least I bothered to think of an answer.”

Jack returned his attention to the thing. It was now only a few meters away. He stepped towards it and held out both his hands.

Simeon grabbed Jack’s shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“I want to touch it.”

“What for?!”

“It looks nice.”

“No it doesn’t!”

Jack turned and faced Simeon. “Why doesn’t it?”

“It’s ugly, smelly, and slimy.”

“Only to you! To me it’s a creature of incredible loveliness.”

Simeon was worried. “You think it’s lovely?”

“Yeah. And cuddly too!”

“You’re mad! That thing is a deadly unknown beast from another world and we should kill it now.”

Jack was offended. “It may be from another world, but it’s not deadly. It only wants to be our friend.” He turned to the thing. It was now right next to him. “I’ll prove it.” He knelt down. “Watch this!”

Jack gave the thing a big hug.

Instantly, Jack’s arms sank into the thing’s flesh. Jack howled with pain as his skin and bone vaporized. He fell back – his two burning stumps flailing pointlessly. The thing climbed onto Jack’s legs. He howled again as his feet and shins burst into flame then disappeared in cloud of black smoke.

Simeon was stunned at the sight. He watched as his friend writhed in flames under the blob-like creature. Jack looked up, his face twisted in terror, and screamed. His scream was quickly silenced as the thing, now on Jack’s chest, sank through his ribs and cremated his lungs. A second later all that was left was Jack’s head and neck.

The thing rolled away and headed up the street.

Simeon knelt down next to Jack and watched him as he gasped like a fish on dry land.

Jack looked up, the last remnants of life were fading from him.

Simeon smiled. “I told you it was deadly!”

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