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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 60: Enormous Fits of Mass Hysterics

"I'm honoured beyond belief!" Shely said to Peter the Ace, Panman, Sonia Por Favor, and Elena L’Apriscatole as they entered her Sustenance Centre. Shely had seen them many times on the Palace's television networks but never before had they graced her food emporium with their presence.

"Thank you." Peter the Ace said. He handled stardom with extreme modesty and composure. He continued. "We would like a table for four with the best view possible please."

"Of course." Shely said. "Follow me."

The four heroes followed her to a location next to a large bay window. The view from this four hundred and seventy second floor restaurant was astounding. Below could be seen the parks, lakes and apartment buildings of the Palace of Amino's northern suburbs. The various structures cast long shadows as a golden sun set majestically to the west. Six kilometres to the south, the vast towers of the palace's central districts created an impressive cityscape complete with airborne transport craft that weaved in and out of the monolithic buildings.

"Please take your seats." Shely said. "Enter your order onto the menu screens when you are ready."

"Thanks, Shely." Panman said sitting down.

The other three followed suit.

Shely wandered away to deal with some other guests. All of the bounty hunters quickly selected their choice of courses from the digital menu. All of them that is, except Panman, who had decided that everything was to his liking.
"With the location of the Palace of Amino now known to most of the criminal underworld," Sonia Por Favor said, "and the approaching blast wave of the Sterilia super-nova in half a century, how can we continue our secret quest for galactic harmony?"

"That's an easy question to answer." Peter the Ace said with an all-knowing smile. "The Superior Beings have greater power than you realise."

"How do you mean?"

"They have a enigmatic transcendentalistic ability to move objects of planetary proportions enormous distances."

"That's amazing!" Elena L’Apriscatole said. "But why didn't they use those powers to move the attacking ships away from Enchantia?"

"Unfortunately, they cannot move anything that is protected by an energy shield."

"That's a real shame." Sonia Por Favor said.

"It certainly is." Peter the Ace agreed.

"So Enchantia will soon be repositioned in a new secret location." Elena L’Apriscatole said. "That's unbelievably cool!"


Panman remained oblivious to the conversation and continued to greedily select items from the menu.

After a couple of minutes their first course arrived. The four galactic superstars began their meal. Whilst eating one of his fourteen starters, Panman carried on entering selections. He still had not reached the dessert section.

"What's that?" Elena L’Apriscatole asked, pointing to a flying object that was approaching the window.

"I'm not sure." Sonia Por Favor said. "It looks like some kind of robot."

"It's Justin and his new body!" Panman said looking up briefly from his plateful of lobsters.

"Cool!" Peter the Ace said. "He can fly!"

Justin thrusted close by the window, waving without a trace of emotion.

"I like his new gold metallic paint job!" Panman said, managing, with minimal difficulty, to stuff a whole crustacean into his mouth with an immense crunch.

Justin waved once more and then accelerated away with a torrid blast of exhaust fumes.

"Where's he going?" Panman asked.

"He's probably going to show off his new jets to his cyborg mates." Peter the Ace said.

"I didn't know cyborgs had mates?"

"They do. They have a special section of coding within them that makes them instant friends with all others of their kind in the palace."



A dull booming sound reverberated around the restaurant. The four bounty hunters looked out of the window. Justin was plummeting to the ground with flames and smoke billowing from his engines.

"Whoa!" Panman said. "He's obviously been over-revving."

"Naughty." Peter the Ace said. "I think you're supposed to run those things in for at least one hundred hours before you attempt rapid acceleration."

The bounty hunters watched as Justin smashed through an overpass and into a highway, slamming through the chassis of an automated security car. There was a huge explosion. Peter the Ace activated his personal communicator and called the Central Tower's cyborg construction centre. "Doctor DeMorgan, this is Peter the Ace. You know the new body that you gave Justin?"


"He just crashed it."

"Oh dear. Where?"

"At the intersection of highways eight and fourteen."

"OK, I'll send someone out to get him."

"Thank you."

The communication link closed.

"Justin's had a really tough time lately." Panman said.

"Carelessness!" Peter the Ace said, finishing his starter. "He really needs to sort himself out."

"He does."

The second course arrived. Panman started to gorge himself on bowlfuls of pasta and cheese.

"Panman?" Sonia Por Favor said. "You're an eating machine!"

Panman simply nodded and carried on devouring the huge array of food in front of him.

Elena L’Apriscatole laughed.

Elena L’Apriscatole’s laugh was so infectious that Peter the Ace began laughing too.

Sonia Por Favor, easily infected by anything contagious, soon followed suit.

Before long, Elena L’Apriscatole, Peter the Ace, Sonia Por Favor, Shely and the rest of the restaurant's patrons were involved in enormous fits of mass hysterics.

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