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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 55: Vast Command Cruisers

Kathwoman's mothership continued its subspace transition complete with the undetected Blenheim attached to its relatively flat underside.

Peter the Ace and Panman walked onto the Blenheim's luxurious bridge, each carrying a plate full of chocolate doughnuts. They sat down and began to eat.

"Superb!" Panman said, managing to eat four in one go.

"Indeed!" Peter the Ace agreed. "And those new holo-games that we've just played are superb too!"

"Yeah!" Panman agreed attempting, this time, to get five of the brown torus shaped snacks into his mouth. He succeeded with ease.

Peter the Ace glanced at the main view screen and along the underside of the elephantine starship to which they were attached. Loose chunks of scorched armour plating could be seen hanging from the hull, caused by the blast wave of destruction of Lawrence’s mothership. In the distance, three shapes could be seen. They were getting closer.

"Panman?" Peter the Ace said with extreme curiosity, pointing at the view screen. "what are those?"

Panman looked. "Hmm… I'm not sure, but they're heading our way!"

The two bounty hunters watched for the next few minutes as the objects honed into full view.

"Three vast command cruisers!" Panman exclaimed.

"Yes!" Peter the Ace agreed.

They watched as the newly arrived colossal battleships took up a close formation with Kathwoman's mothership. Around them could be seen dozens of smaller warships of intricately menacing design.

"This is one huge battle fleet!" Peter the Ace said.

"The palace can deal with this." Panman said with total confidence.

"I'm sure it can." Peter the Ace replied. "But it's a shame that we can't give them advanced warning!"

"Ha ha harr!” Lawrence laughed as he looked at his amassed armada of warmongering vessels. He turned away from the main view port and looked with sinister intent at the large bridge crew. "You are about to go down in history!" He shouted. "You are to be part of the destructive force that finally annihilates the Palace of Amino!"

The bridge crew gazed fearfully at the cloaked maniac.

"When will we arrive?" The dark lord of grime asked.

"In one minute." An officer said.

"Excellent!" Lawrence screamed. "Ha harr!" He walked over to the communications console and spoke to his fleet. "As soon as we emerge from subspace, destroy everything on sight! Ha ha ha ha harr!"

Panman and Peter the Ace felt the familiar feeling of deceleration.

"Here we go!" Peter the Ace said.

The two bounty hunters took their positions and prepared themselves for anything. The wispy entities of subspace dissolved and the familiar image of the planet Enchantia filled the view ahead. It was not, however, the peaceful image that usually greeted them. Energy beams, and explosions littered the scene. Hundreds of spacecraft were going about their violent business.

"This is definitely a happening place!" Panman said.

"As soon as we enter the battle arena, " Peter the Ace said, "we'll detach and head to the palace for repairs. This mothership that we're attached too will be too preoccupied to pay us any attention."


"Divide and conquer!" Lawrence bellowed to his huge fleet.

The giant warships broke formation and joined the fight, unleashing beams of devastation upon Enchantia's defences. The planet's defence grid discharged a stream of energy particles at the approaching array of warships, stripping tons of armour from their hulls. Over one hundred bounty hunter ships swarmed around the mammoth battlecruisers, eagerly scouring them with fusion fire and carefully placed missile spreads.

During the initial confusion of the escalating conflict, a ship of awesome design slipped unnoticed away from Kathwoman's mothership, and passed harmlessly through the Enchantia’s defence grid.

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