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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 54: Havoc

"Fuckin' whoa!" Ross Mental cried as he guided the Morbid low over the top side of General Blubbard's command ship. Explosions of a huge and most gratifying kind erupted all over the huge vessel as the bounty hunter's array of fusion disruptors and missiles created havoc, destruction and chaos.

"Fuck!" The foul-mouthed bounty hunter exclaimed as two closely placed gun towers loomed ahead of him in a wildly threatening way. They fired, surrounding the Morbid in green rays of death. Ross Mental swerved and rolled his ship with sly precision. At a frightening velocity, he flew between the towers, releasing a spread of phase bomblets as he did so. He looked into his rear view monitor. "In your fuckin' face you fuckin' green blasting fuckers!" He yelled insanely as the bombs vaporised the towers in a cloud of white hot fire.

Climbing sharply, the Morbid accelerated away from the giant ship, blowing away two skull fighters as a matter of routine.

"Did you see that?" Ross Mental shouted over the communicator.

"Great work!" Sarah Savage replied. "Now it's my turn." She set an intercept course with the command ship's engines. "Watch this and learn." She said to Angharad, who was sitting excitedly behind.

"Absolutely I will!" The trainee replied, in awe of her superior companion.

As the Satyr approached within a few kilometres of the massive ship, the small bounty hunter vessel became the focus of enemy fire. Thousands of pulsing beams of death giving light flashed around, sending shudders through the Satyr’s entire frame. Sarah Savage remained calm under the immense onslaught, waiting for the correct message from her weapons system.

The correct message appeared.

Sarah Savage pressed 'EXECUTE'. Forty five missiles left their bays and rocketed towards their target. The Satyr dived below the command ship. The engines of the mammoth craft erupted into a cloud of blistering vapour that spread almost instantaneously to a diameter of several kilometres, shattering a small battle ship and thirty one skull fighters in the process.

"Cool!" Angharad exclaimed with deep respect.

"No problem!" Sarah Savage said, looping around a huge lump of wreckage.

"What's happening?" General Blubbard bellowed as he was thrown across the bridge.

"Our main engines have been hit!" One of his officers said. "They've been completely destroyed!"

"No!" The general roared. With the wrath of a Malboi goose in his eyes, the general grabbed the unfortunate officer around the neck and squeezed. A snapping sound put an end to the crewman's struggling. He fell to the floor, limp and lifeless.

"Move us away from the main battle." The general ordered.

"Sir, we have no engines!" Another officer said.

"Surely we have thrusters?"

"Yes, but they're only used for small docking manoeuvres, it'll take ages to move this ship any serious distance."

"Just do it!"

"Yes, general."

The enormous vessel slowly began to move away from Enchantia. It was closely followed by the Morbid and the Satyr.

"I think our victory is finally in sight!" Chief Officer Chimpapazapadon said.

"You're right!" Commander Pepe said, gazing at the impressive array of colossal view screens. "How are the trainee bounty hunters handling the ground battle?"

"They're doing OK. They've been getting some help from a small hound."

"A small hound?"

"Yeah! It appears that it's been ripping off the heads of many of the undead that have invaded some of our streets."

"Excellent! Man's best friend!"

The Amino Battle Command’s main communication panel bleeped furiously. Chief Officer Chimpapazapadon walked over to it. "It's a message from one of our observation probes near the Sterilia system!"

"What does it say?" Commander Pepe asked, joining his second in command at the console.

"Oh my!"

"Oh my what?"

"The Sterilia has suddenly gone super-nova!"

"What? You lie!"

"It's true! Before it was destroyed in the blast, the probe sent these amazing video images."

The officer and the commander watched as the star exploded. Static followed.

"This is serious." Commander Pepe said. "Sterilia is only fifty light years from here!"

"True, but the blast wave will take at least fifty years to reach us."

Commander Pepe’s eyes widened. He smiled. "You're right! It's no real threat to us at all!"


They both turned their attention back to the situation at hand.

For the next few hours, conflicts of a seriously furious and turbulent nature occurred above the skies of Euphoria. Criss-crossing beams of energy sliced and diced spacecraft of all shapes and sizes. The command ship of General Blubbard continued to run away at a snail's velocity, followed closely by Ross Mental on board the Morbid and Sarah Savage on board the Satyr. Both of the bounty hunter ships performed relentless and devastating attack runs on the critically damaged warship.

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