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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 42: Silent Scream



Three ships of murky design emerged from subspace and entered orbit around a modest, deep blue planet. That world, named Bryan after its discoverer, Brian Bryan, revolved around a colossal red star called Dis-Arrai situated on the border between the Substantia Zone and the Tryvii-Ahlpursute Sector.

"I scan the blighters!" Group leader Farqhar Alqurseltsa said. He was a bounty hunter of great ancestry and nobility. "Let's give them what for!"

The three awesome craft rolled splendidly and dived onto a fleet of three hundred skull fighters that were awaiting maintenance checks at one of Lawrence's so called secret repair docks. The repair docks were unprepared for what happened next.

The three bounty hunter vessels open fire, blitzing the docks with nuclear tipped torpedoes. The docks’ lack of adequate shielding, a major oversight on the designers part, meant that the dock exploded easily and violently, taking two hundred fighters, and their pilots, with it. Ninety nine of the other fighters spun helplessly out of control. Some of them burned up in Bryan's atmosphere, the rest drifted out of orbit.

"Absolutely marvellous shooting, chaps!" Group leader Farqhar Alqurseltsa said jovially. "Be good men and get those helpless Johnnies would you, I'm going to give chase to that single blithering idiot that foolishly thinks he can escape!"

The group leader set an intercept course for the skull fighter that was thrusting away from the scene. The other two proceeded to perform the boring task of destroying the disabled ships that were drifting all over the place.

"I say," Farqhar Alqurseltsa said over the communicator to the fleeing skull fighter, "would you mind surrendering? It would be awfully decent of you."

"Shut up!" Came the obnoxious reply.

"So rude! What is your name, my good man?"

"Shut up! Go away!"

"Answer my question; otherwise I will blow you to kingdom come!"

"Shut up!"

Farqhar Alqurseltsa locked and fired his forward fusion cannons, blasting away one of the fighter’s two engines.

"Go away!" Its pilot shouted with terror in his voice.

"Tell me your name, my frightened fellow, and I will."


"Jolly decent name, if I may say so."

"Go away!"

"Sorry, I can't I'm afraid. Die grotesquely!"

The group leader fired again, causing just enough damage to depressurise the skull fighter's cockpit. Clayton screamed a silent scream as the air inside him burst several blood vessels and exuded out into the airless cockpit. Farqhar Alqurseltsa purposefully waited thirty seconds before destroying the fighter and relieving Clayton of his agonizing torment.

Satisfied, the group leader returned to his comrades who were still locating and destroying the multitude of disabled craft.

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