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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 41: Blood Saturated Beasts

A ten foot tall, extremely hairy mammoth of a man, armed with a huge, shoulder mounted cannon, stomped towards Ross Mental, Sarah Savage and Angharad, occasionally crushing one of the six hundred and thirty one bloodied heathen corpses that were strewn around the street.

"DiE!" It boomed as it fired its frightful weapon.

A bolt of energetic death soared towards the bounty hunters. Angharad instantly reacted by activating her visor's shield, encompassing the trio in a subtly shimmering dome of blue. The Bolt hit with a sound similar to the war cry of a Gnomian pig hunter caught in a bizarre skiing accident. It was absorbed by the force field.

"It's the fuckin' head heathen!" Ross Mental shouted, opening fire on the tall guy. The giant heathen's own shield deflected the shots.

"We need to find some shelter fast." Angharad said. "My shield can't protect us for long."

Another blast hit the visor’s shield. The trio ran across the road and into a conveniently placed Ken Kasino Club. The massive woolly chap followed close behind, smashing through the front entrance like the mad man that he was. Ross Mental and Angharad turned and fired at the beast. Beams and balls of bright energy pulsed into giant heathen at a phenomenal rate. They were deflected by his shield and destroyed several valuable pieces of artwork that hung on the walls.

"This guy is difficult." Sarah Savage said, stating the obvious. "Try to destroy his weapon - then I can get close enough to slice into his guts!"

The three heroes ducked as the head heathen fired. The shot hit the back of the deserted casino, blowing out a gaping hole three metres wide and revealing a stair case.

"Let's go!" Sarah Savage said, running through the opening.

The others followed, firing constantly at the maniac's weapon. No effect. The immense primitive fired again, blasting another gaping hole in the wall beyond.

"Let's get up the fuckin' stairs." Ross Mental yelled above the sound of falling masonry.

The three highly skilled champions sprinted up to the seventy fifth level.

"He's following." Angharad said, looking down the stair well.

"We can't shoot him," Sarah Savage said, "his shield is too powerful.”

"And you can't hack him up," Ross Mental said, "because you can't get near the fucker."

"What do we do?"

"We crush him!" quietly said.

"How the fuck do we do that?" Ross Mental asked.

Angharad explained. "We set some charges around the stairs here. Then, when the big brute reaches this level, we detonate them. This causes the sixty flights of stairs above us to crash down onto him, overload his shield, and send him smashing down to the ground level closely followed by several thousand tons of steel and concrete."

"Fuckin' cool!" Ross Mental exclaimed. "I have to see that! Let's do it!"

The trio set to work carefully placing the charges.

"All done!" They announced in unison.

The big heathen, only two floors below, fired his mighty weapon. The blast almost vaporised Ross Mental.

"Fuck faced fuckin' fucker!" He shouted.

"Take cover!" Sarah Savage shouted.

The three cool characters ran out of the stair well and into a small office complex.

Angharad was ready with the detonator. "Here goes" She said, calmly pressing the button.

A blinding white burst of heat and flame erupted at the stair well, shaking the entire building. A screech of severe pain was heard as the smelly heathen leader and the entire staircase plunged down to the bottom level. The building continued to shake violently.

"This isn't right." Sarah Savage said.

"It fuckin' isn't!" Ross Mental agreed.

"I think we used too much explosive." Angaharad said.

The floor started to buckle and crack. Slabs of concrete started to fall past the windows and into the street below.

"This whole building is about to collapse." Sarah Savage said. "Let's move!"

They all headed for the windows.

"How the fuck do we get out?" Ross Mental yelled with a touch of frustration.

The building began to pitch, slamming into the adjacent skyscraper and sending the heroes smashing through a large window. With great skill and dexterity, they all managed to hang on to the ledge outside.

"Fuck!" Ross Mental exclaimed usefully.

Angharad look down to the almost deserted street, four hundred and six metres below. "Look!" She said excitedly.

She had spotted an automated street cleaning machine trundling slowly along. It was currently picking up the bodies of the dead heathens and throwing them into its large trailer.

"When it gets below us," Angharad said, "we could drop into it and those hairy heathen corpses it’s carrying will cushion our fall. We’ll suffer no injuries!"

"Excellent idea." Sarah Savage said.

The trio waited patiently for the right moment. The building continued to shake.

"Now!" Angharad shouted.

She let go and plummeted down, closely followed by the others. Several seconds later they splatted into the trailer full of lifeless blood saturated beasts.

"Fuckin' A one!" Ross Mental cried, leaping out of the vehicle.

Sarah Savage and Angharad followed the foul-mouthed bounty hunter out.

"That way." Sarah Savage said, pointing. "The building is about to fall."

They all ran like the wind down another street, a thunderous crunching sound behind them signifying the collision of the building with the ground. A huge cloud of dust expanded rapidly, coating the surrounding constructions in dark grey powder.

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