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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 40: Skin Tight Body Suits

Lawrence fought with the controls of his transport craft as it bumped its way through a deep gorge at a very high speed. Close behind, the Blenheim thrusted potently after him. It fired, shedding some of the transport's thick armour plating.

"Bastard bounty fuckers!" Lawrence shrieked as the blast sent his ship skidding along a cliff wall.

Both vessels continued to swerve their way through the deep crevasses that littered Epicuro. The thirty two remaining skull fighters attempted to shoot down the Blenheim without any success at all.

Panman effortlessly picked the fighters off one by one. "He's panicking like a child!" Panman said, destroying two more fighters.

"Indeed he is!" Peter the Ace replied, firing the laser lancers from his command panel.

A thick beam of extreme heat sliced into the back of Lawrence's craft cutting its port engine in two. The small transport vessel spun out of control and plummeted into a three kilometre deep ravine.

"I do believe that we've got him!" Panman shouted as he continued to blast away at the skull fighters.

"Let's not be to hasty." Peter the Ace said. "Look!"

Panman stared at the forward view screen. A small cylindrical object had ejected from the doomed craft and was thrusting swiftly out of the ravine. Just in time. The transport vessel smashed into the rocks below and exploded violently.

"An escape pod!" Panman said. "Let's get it!"

Peter the Ace guided the Blenheim after the tiny pod and followed it as it flew erratically across the shimmering deserts that covered the baking moon.

"It's a very good escape pod." Peter the Ace said with genuine admiration. "look at it fly!"

"We'll have him soon." Panman stated with complete confidence. He casually destroyed another fighter. There were only ten left.

The Euphoria, having eluded the fighters, thrusted slowly along the bottom of a five kilometre deep gorge, its blinding search lights illuminating the surrounding rocky surfaces.

"Kathwoman must be down here somewhere." Jayne Eye-Catcher said.

"The scanners don't show anything" Belinda said, gazing at one of the view screens. "Maybe she's escaped?"

"No way." Jayne Eye-Catcher said, guiding her awesome new ship through a particularly tight gap. "I can sense her evil. She's down here all right."

The scanner bleeped frantically.

"Down there!" Belinda shouted.

Jayne Eye-Catcher looked at the view screen. "Excellent! She can't escape from there."

The scanner had found Kathwoman's shuttle at the bottom of a shaft seven kilometres deep. The Euphoria descended briskly down into the darkness. After four kilometres, the shaft began to get very tight.

"We're not going to be able to fly much further." Jayne Eye-Catcher said. "This ship is too wide."

"What can we do?"

"We'll have to climb down."

"Wow! Cool!" Belinda relished the thought of hand to hand combat with the most evil woman in the galaxy.

After a few more minutes of flying, Jayne Eye-Catcher set the ship down on a convenient ledge overhanging the shaft. "Let's go!" She said, smiling at Belinda.

Belinda smiled back. "Yes!"

The bounty hunter and the trainee quickly changed into black and armoured skin tight body suits, grabbed a mean arsenal of weapons, and then left the ship. Outside the air was dank and cool, quite the opposite of the harsh conditions on the surface many kilometres above. Jayne Eye-Catcher walked over to the edge of the ledge and looked down. The bounty hunter engaged her night vision head set and peered through the blackness. The walls of the shaft were jagged and steep. "No problem!" She said. "Down we go!"

Jayne Eye-Catcher started her descent, closely followed by the excited but suddenly nervous Belinda.

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