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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 39: Seventy Heathens in Flames

The Satyr and the Morbid, two dark ships of impressive might, swooped low over the towers of Pathetica, the only city on the planet Naus-Ear. The dark gloomy buildings, hundreds of metres tall, were constructed out of black, soulless stone, and were covered in strange, sculptures of despair and depravity.

"I'm scanning thousands of lifeforms in the streets." Sarah Savage said.

"Fuck!" Ross Mental exclaimed over the communicator as he guided his ship between two large constructions of discouragement. "You're right! The heathens are in town."

"We need to kill them all." Sarah Savage said with obvious delight. "But if we use our ship's weapons we'll destroy half the city."


"We'll have to land and fight them hand to hand!"

"I fuckin' like the sound of that!"

Ross Mental rolled his craft over in celebration and collided with the corner of Pathetica's medical centre, sending Willard Pestilence, an aging patient, tumbling to his death ninety floors below. He had just finished convalescing from a heart, lung, kidney and liver transplant operation, and six months of radio therapy for five brain tumours the size of tennis balls. He was due to be discharged within the hour. Today was his seventy fifth birthday.

"Let's set down." Sarah Savage said, pitching her ship and sending it coursing towards street level.

The Morbid followed. The two ships touched down outside the front entrance to the giant cathedral that dominated the central districts. Thirteen heathens that were about to storm the religious edifice were crushed into a bloody paste as heavy landing gear flattened them completely. Five of the heathens escaped the pulverising and started to run into the street. Ross Mental leapt out of his ship’s top hatchway, drew his new blaster from its holster, and then fired mercilessly, blowing huge chunks of flesh out of the heathens' backs. They fell to the ground, quivered, vomited, and then lay still.

"Fuckin' ace!" Ross Mental said with satisfaction.

Sarah Savage strode down her ship's exit ramp, closely followed by Angharad and her visor.

"This is indeed a woeful place." Angharad said, looking around.

Three hundred and fifty four heathens, armed with dull knifes, jogged into view and headed straight for the bounty hunters. They chanted inanely.

"Fuckers!" Ross Mental screamed, opening fire once again.

Several heads exploded as beams of dense energy blazed through the heathen's faces. Sarah Savage drew her broad sword and charged at the mob of sweating primitives, slashing and hacking through their flesh with macabre accuracy. Angharad, eager to join in, activated her visor. Its heads up display immediately targeted the centre of the pack of heathens. She selected 'Parabolic Pulse' from the weapons configuration menu and fired. A bright yellow ball of glowing death arced into the air at lightning speed and descended into the crowd, engulfing seventy heathens in flames. They screeched in torment and crumpled to the floor, powdered and unrecognisable.

"Cool!" Sarah Savage said, cutting three heads off in one swipe.

"Fuckin' cool!" Ross Mental shouted, blowing away six more ugly thugs.

"If you thought that was good," Angharad said proudly, "watch this!" She turned to face two charging heathens of particular fierceness and locked her visor's electronic sights onto them. After selecting 'Dissector - Setting: Dual' from the menu, she fired. Two needle thin, azure beams of protons connected with the targets and randomly flicked around their bodies. They yelped in a frightful manner as they were rapidly cut up into thirty pieces. Their separated body parts fell to the ground, bleeding profusely. The bounty hunters watched as the beast's faces grimaced in anguish and then went limp as their brain's supply of oxygen ran out.

"Awesome!" Sarah Savage said, turning and splicing a heathen's chest.

The heathen dropped to his knees and coughed blood. Sarah Savage had an idea. She thrust her fist into his gaping chest wound. Reaching around inside, she grabbed her victim’s pounding heart and pulled hard. It ripped out causing the sweaty guy to wail loudly. She held it in front of his contorted face.

"Look at this!" She said to him with glee.

The heathen looked at his own pumping heart in disbelief, vomited blood, and then died.

"I've always wanted to do that!" Sarah Savage said with satisfaction.

"Lucky Fucker!" Ross Mental shouted as he stomped around, burning holes in anything that moved.

Angharad continued her precise dissecting.

Sarah Savage continued her imprecise dissecting.

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