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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 37: Visor

The Satyr, a ship of lethal design, and the Morbid, a deceptively battered looking craft, lunged their way through subspace in a parallel formation. These potent vessels of mass destruction flown by Sarah Savage and Ross Mental were enroute to the planet Naus-Ear of the Diz-Gusteng System, deep within the core of the Burlesqueous Sector. A report of a massing army of criminally insane heathens, loyal followers of Lawrence and his philosophy of death had been received. This threat had to be nullified.

"This is so cool!" Angharad exclaimed as she entered the cramped cockpit of the Satyr.

"You're right." Sarah Savage said to her newly appointed trainee companion,. "This is one of coolest cockpits ever designed."

The cockpit of Sarah Savages little vessel was indeed cool. The subdued, ambient red light combined with the control console's blinking switches and data filled viewscreens created a dark feeling of cosy awe and power.

Angharad seated herself at the back taking care not to crease the white silk, ankle length kimono that she was wearing.

Sarah Savage looked at her assistant’s face, which was half covered by a large purple visor. She was curious as to why Angharad wore it. Was it because she had suffered some severe disfigurement as a child, or was it because she was simply a fashion goddess? "Why do you wear that visor?"

"I'm a fashion goddess!"

"Oh. OK."

Sarah Savage felt a bit jealous, her dull, blood stained leathers seemed so drab and barbaric. She liked feeling jealous though. It made her extra aggressive, and that meant excessively gruesome slashing sessions would soon ensue when they encountered the enemy.

A voice shouted over the communicator.


"Ross Mental," Sarah Savage said, "how's it going?"

"I've just been reading the fuckin' files on our destination."

"Really? What have you found?"

"Naus-Ear is the dampest, smelliest sounding place that I've ever fuckin' heard of! It's full of huge, swampy forests with massive trees and dark cities of concrete and steel!"

"I know." Sarah Savage replied. "I remember reading once that the original colonists, after being stranded on such a reeking mud bucket of a planet, became a society of manic depressives and constructed buildings to reflect their feelings."

"Sad fuckers!" Ross Mental said harshly but fairly. "Why don't they just hang themselves?"

"Depression is a way of life for them - it's their religion. Daily, before the first gloomy storm of the morning, they pray to their God - Melanc, the Holy."

"They'd better not preach any of their fuckin' religious bullshit to me!"

"I'm sure they won't." Sarah Savage said. "The criminally insane heathens that have decided to gather on their world will be their main concern at the moment."

"I can't wait to encounter them." Angharad said excitedly. "It will be the first time that my new visor's weapons will see action!"

"Your visor has weapons?" Sarah Savage asked, turning to face her companion.

"Oh yes!" She answered. "I made it myself. It was my final year project at the Amino Academy of Devastation Devices."

"Great! What can it do?"

"Wait and see, You'll be amazed!"

"There isn't much left that can amaze me."

"There's my visor!"

"If you say so."

"I do!"

Annoyed by the inane direction that the conversation had turned, Sarah Savage turned to face the front of the cockpit. Subspacial entities of dull red and blue shimmered by the view ports. "Only one hour until we enter the Diz-Gusteng System." She announced.

"Fuckin' excellent!" Ross Mental exclaimed. "I need to cook a fuck off meal, speak to you later."

The communication channel crackled softly, and then fell silent.

"I'll make us both some burgers." Angharad said, getting to her feet and leaving the cockpit.

"Make sure mine's raw!" Sarah Savage shouted. She loved to have the blood of uncooked meat dribble down her face.

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