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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 36: Moby's Mission of Mortal Madness

Justin clanked onto the Blenheim's luxury bridge. He stood, motionless, his penetrating red eyes glowing radiantly. "The galley is stocked and ready. " He said with synthetic mono-tonality.

"Excellent!" Peter the Ace said. He was sitting in his sumptuous command chair at the front of the bridge. "Blenheim, prepare for immediate launch."

The moody rumble of mighty engines occurred with satisfying swiftness. Justin clunked down onto his recently reinforced chair at the back.

"Those new games are awesome!" Panman announced, cartwheeling onto the bridge and somersaulting into his position at the weapons console. "Especially the one called 'Moby's Mission of Mortal Madness'."

"What's it about?" Peter the Ace asked, fiddling with his command console.

"Well, you play the part of Moby, a basket case with a sword fixation. He has to hack and slash to death all the demented old folk that live in a nearby mental home."

"Sounds slightly immoral."

"It would be, if it wasn't for the fact that alien mind-benders had warped the old codgers and krones into fiendish flesh feasters of a most despicable kind!"

"Ahh. I can see the point of it now." Peter the Ace operated his communicator. "Jayne Eye-Catcher?"

"Yeah?" Came the sensuous reply.

"Are you ready?"

"Absolutely! The Euphoria is the most astounding ship that I have ever seen, except for the Blenheim of course!"



"How does it feel to be going on a mission with one of the most respected bounty hunters of all time?"

"It feels wonderful!" She said breathlessly. "I will be forever grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime!"

"No problem. Launch when you are ready. We'll dock in orbit."

The communication channel closed. Peter the Ace adeptly operated a few well designed control systems, sending the Blenheim roaring out of its central tower hanger bay. All of the other airborne craft flashed their navigation lights in respect as the astonishing black starship thundered beyond the tower tops and through the sparse clouds that speckled the morning sky.

Five kilometres away, another black craft rapidly accelerated skywards from the roof of one of the smaller buildings. The Euphoria, a smaller ship less than sixty metres long, rolled impressively as it followed the Blenheim's trajectory out into the frigid, airless void of space.

After docking with the topside of the Blenheim, the two ships dissolved into subspace. The mission to end all missions had begun.

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