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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 34: Chant of the Bounty Hunters

The Great Hall buzzed with the lively chatter of ten thousand bounty hunters. From the stage, a sea of excited people filled the view in all directions. Banners exclaiming 'Ace is a really cool!', 'Panman, dude of havoc!' and 'Jayne Eye-Catcher, we love you're well toned thighs!' were waving from the galleries.

In the extravagant dressing rooms behind the stage, the three speakers and Commander Pepe sat and quaffed mugs of rich, dark roasted coffee.

"Thirty seconds." The presentation director announced over the dressing room's tannoy system. "Commander Pepe to the stage."

"Here we go!" The commander said, hauling his incredible mass out of his sumptuous armchair recliner. "You'd better take up your positions too."

The commander walked towards the stage entrance. The others went down some stairs to the underneath of the presentation platform.

Commander Pepe walked out onto the stage to a loud and sustained round of applause. All bounty hunters shared great respect for the bulbous four hundred year old military man. The commander held his arms aloft in acknowledgment of the audience's reaction. On reaching the Lectern he began to speak. "Welcome to you all. As you know, three days ago the T.A.R. Command was issued. It was designed for use in two situations only, those situations being either the threat of galaxy wide destruction or takeover, or the discovery of the Palace of Amino and a subsequent attack upon that place. I have to inform you that both of these situations have arisen."

The crowd gasped.

Commander Pepe continued. "Because of this dire threat to galactic security, this colossal mother of a meeting has been called to explain the situation and present our proposed violent solution to this severe problem. With immense pleasure, I will now introduce you to our speakers for tonight. Not one, not two, but three of the most awesome individuals ever to walk among us. Please welcome to the stage the Palace of Amino’s greatest bounty hunters - Peter the Ace, Panman and Jayne Eye-Catcher!"

A cheer to drown all cheers erupted from all corners of the Great Hall. An array of pyrotechnics exploded white sparks all over the stage. Lasers and spot lights of many colours flashed in all directions as the three heroes rose slowly out of the stage floor. The audience continued its deafening roar of praise and adoration. Peter the Ace, Panman, and Jayne Eye-Catcher stabbed the air with their fists in unison. The crowd began to chant the chant of the bounty hunters;

Slay the heinous,

Make them bleed,

annihilate the ones' they breed!

The cheers and chanting continued for twelve minutes. It was a most inspiring experience for all.

"Thank you all." Peter the Ace said as the noise of the audience finally died down. "And thank you, commander, for that fantastic introduction." The greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy leant against the lectern; a serious look of great significance filled his face. "Let's get down to business!"

The gigantic tele-video screen flickered into life, showing a huge image of Lawrence's face and a detailed rotating computer representation of his mothership and one of his infamous skull fighters.

Peter the Ace pointed at the gargantuan screen. "Lawrence is back! Back in a big way! Never before has there been a greater threat to galactic peace than today. The fact that the location of the Palace of Amino may now be known by the lord of depression is even more serious. We can expect, for the first time ever, a direct assault on Enchantia of massive proportions."

The tele-video graphics changed to a spectacular simulation of an attack on the Palace of Amino. The audience applauded the quality and clarity of the images.

Peter the Ace continued. "I will now hand over to Jayne Eye-Catcher who will explain in minute detail all that she has learned about Lawrence's deadly and diabolical forces."

Cheers and wolfwhistles rang out as Peter changed places with the sensual Jayne Eye-Catcher at the podium.

After almost an hour of riveting technical talk and stunning digital visuals, Jayne Eye-Catcher brought her presentation to a close.

"As you can see," she said erotically, "Lawrence has a phenomenal army of death that is more powerful than anything that we have encountered before. Peter the Ace and Panman will now present a well designed attack and defence plan that they cunningly devised over a plateful of jellied shrimp last night."

Jayne Eye-Catcher returned to her seat next to Commander Pepe. Peter the Ace and Panman took to the stage. A ten minute standing ovation ensued.

Three hours of captivating strategic talk later, the presentation was concluded by Commander Pepe.

The commander smiled broadly. "Thank you Peter the Ace, Panman, and Jayne Eye-Catcher. Your knowledge, wisdom and fighting skills have given us all new hope for the future. The presentation has come to an end. Your individual mission assignments will be given to you in the morning at o'seven hundred hours. Go, eat like hogs, drink deeply from our finest vats, sleep like babies in their mother’s cleavage, and prepare for carnage!"

The crowd cheered for twenty minutes before dispersing in a professional and orderly manner. The bounty hunters would indeed eat and drink to the maximum that their physiques would allow. But even a dangerous level of alcohol would not be able to dampen one thought in the backs of minds. The bounty hunters would not forget that omorrow the fight for the freedom of the entire galaxy would begin.

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