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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 32: Imposing Ceremonial Battle Gear

For the last few hours, powerful starships of various different sizes and designs had been arriving at the Palace of Amino. Some of the meanest, leanest bounty hunters of all time, from missions throughout the galaxy, were returning in answer to the T.A.R. Command.

Two particularly menacing craft were currently on final approach.

The first was the Satyr, piloted by the notorious Sarah Savage. This small, thirty metre long, dull black ship thundered through the dense towers of the palace towards its private bay in the central tower. Hanger bays in this awesome building were strictly reserved for the top bounty hunters.

The second ship was the Morbid, piloted by the wild and insulting Ross Mental. The battered, scorched look of his small warship gave a false sense of security to any opponent. Inside, this mighty vessel was brimming with the latest, greatest defence and offence systems available for such a small ship. The Morbid followed the Satyr towards the central tower.

The Great Hall of the Palace of Amino was an awe-inspiring place. Situated in the sub-levels of Tower One, next to the Central Tower, this ten thousand capacity meeting room was one of the most ornate places in the universe. The three hundred metre high ceiling was lavishly decorated in weird and magnificent robot painted artwork. Three colossal chandeliers illuminated the hall with dazzling radiance. The stage at the front of the hall was thirty metres above the audience's seats. Four vast tele-video screens filled the wall behind it, ready to display the faces of the speakers and also various other entertaining images.

Commander Pepe paced his corpulent frame up and down the stage, overseeing the preparations for the night's presentation. The video tacticals had been edited to perfection and would stun the audience with tremendous computer graphic representations of violent space battles. At either side of the main lectern, several tables had been set. The commander and some of the most accomplished bounty hunters were going to eat a massively fulfilling meal before the audience arrived.

Jayne Eye-Catcher walked desirably onto the stage.

"Welcome." Commander Pepe said, admiring her crimson body suit. "You look incredible!"

"Thank you, commander." She said enticingly.

Sarah Savage appeared and strode confidently towards them, her thick leather cloak billowed gently, revealing the hilt of her barbarian style sword. "How's it going, guys?" She asked loudly.

"Great!" Jayne Eye-Catcher replied.

Jayne Eye-Catcher, Sarah and the commander gasped quietly as Peter the Ace and Panman entered the Great Hall wearing their black, imposing ceremonial battle gear.

"Sarah!" Peter the Ace said. "It's been a long time, how are you?"

"Brutally phenomenal!" She replied, happy to see her two mentors again. "I hear that it was you that instigated the T.A.R. Command."

"Indeed it was. The situation made it necessary."

"I'm jealous. I wanted to be the first to do that!"

"I know, but, because Panman and I always undertake the most dangerous missions, it was likely to be one of us who eventually issued it."

"True." Sarah Savage agreed without argument.

Ross Mental bounded onto the stage and started to show off with some rapid, inverted roundhouse kicks. He finished off with a tumbling aerial double forward snap kick and punch combination. "Whoa!" He yelled, landing in front of the group of five. "I haven't seen you chaps for fuckin' ages!"

"It's good to see you, my foul-mouthed friend." Commander Pepe said happily.

"There must be some serious fuckin' shit going down for us all to be recalled like this!"

"There is." Panman said, drooling as several waitresses wheeled some food onto the stage.

"Well? What the fuck is it?" Ross Mental said impatiently.

"Later." Peter the Ace interjected. "The presentation that Panman, Jayne Eye-Catcher and I will give after the meal will explain all in great detail."

"The food is ready." The commander announced. "Let's take our seats at the table."

The six high ranking stars of the Palace of Amino sat down for their formidable banquet. A loud clanking noise disturbed them. They all looked up and watched Justin as he hissed and buzzed his way towards their table.

"I like your new head!" Panman said, stuffing several bread rolls into his mouth. "It's great!"

"I am here as requested." The cyborg trainee said in monotone.

"Unfortunately this meal is for the top people of the palace only." Peter the Ace said. "Anyway, you can't eat any more so it's not really any loss to you."

"That is a logical statement." Justin replied.

"Go down and sit yourself on the front row."

The metal Justin turned and wandered without emotion down the curving staircase to the seats below. He sat down and entered a state of motionless artificial meditation.

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