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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 31: Doctor DeMorgan

Consciousness returned to Justin's mind. He attempted to open his eyes. He couldn't. Instead, a perfect, yet seemingly too perfect, image of a laboratory faded into view before him. A few green, laser like objects whizzed around the room, generating information that seemed suspended in the centre of the room. Promptly, the words 'Central Tower Medi-Lab Room 143A, Level forty four' materialised in the bottom left corner of his field of vision.

Odd! He thought digitally.

He turned to face his left and was immediately confronted with the image of a strange man in a white coat. To his astonishment, the figure was outlined in a pale green, glowing line of dots. A list of data appeared in mid air next to him. An instant later, the person's name, 'Doctor Gerrardo Alberto DeMorgan' flashed into view in a larger, blue font.

"Doctor DeMorgan." Justin said with an unintentional lack of emotion. "What has happened to me?"

"Excellent!" The doctor said, looking into the metal trainee's glowing red eyes. "You're back from the brink of complete neural malfunction!"

"Please Elaborate."

"Well," Doctor DeMorgan said, pacing slowly up and down the laboratory, "do you remember the bungee jumping accident that you had a few hours ago?"

"I am aware of the event."

"When you smashed into the walkway at the foot of the tower, your biological head was basically mashed into mushy stuff. All that we could recover was thirty percent of your brain. The rest of your brain, skull and face were lost. Your mind is now seventy percent mega-tronic."

Justin felt nothing.

Doctor DeMorgan continued. "Unfortunately, most of your past memory has been lost forever. Only the last few months remains."

Justin accessed his memory. It was true, he could only remember back to his enrolment as a trainee bounty hunter six months ago. "I require a mirror."

"Over there." The doctor said, pointing to the opposite side of the room.

Justin stood and clanked over to the mirrored panel on the far wall. He was artificially shocked at what he saw. His head now consisted of a gleaming metal skull with burning red eyes. There was no need for a glass dome to prevent infection; the remains of his brain was buried deep within a toughened steel casing. He turned to Doctor DeMorgan just as a communications panel on the far wall bleeped excitedly.

The doctor answered it. "Yes?"

"Doctor, this is Peter the Ace. How is Justin?"

"You'll be happy to hear that he is sentient again."

"Marvelous! Make sure he gets to the Great Hall within the hour. The presentation to top all presentations will soon commence."

"No problem."

Doctor DeMorgan terminated the communications link. "You heard him, off you go!"

Justin stared at the doctor for a second, turned, and then stomped out of the laboratory. An advanced, highly efficient, fully optimized, heuristic best-first search algorithm allowed the cyborg to find his way efficiently down to the street level and along to the Great Hall.

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