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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 29: Enchantia

"Let's unify our physiques!" Lew Brain Ache snarled through the containment field of his detention cell.

"Be quiet." Panman said. "Sort your life out, chubby buddy!"

"We must create deadly, small, demonic offspring!" Lew Brain Ache touched the bars of energy and was thrown back, slamming into one of the cell's walls. He slumped to the floor, dazed and confused.

Ken Kasino yelled from the cell opposite. "I demand to be moved! I can't stand that noisy ignoramus any more!"

Panman turned around. "Ken!" He said. "I'd forgotten that you were down here. How are you, corrupt dude?"

"Move me now!"

"You're in no position to make demands. We'll be arriving at the palace very shortly. There you'll be tried for your crimes and moved to a much more peaceful prison."

"Move me!" The ex-casino king screamed.

"Be patient." Panman said, walking towards the exit. "Make the most of this luxury while you can. Where you're going will make this place look like the penthouse suite at the Prospero Astoria Massage Sanctuary!"

Panman left, a thick, metal door hissed shut behind him. Ken sank to his knees and wept. This once emperor of villainy had finally broken. Panman made his way to the sumptuous bridge. He passed Jayne Eye-Catcher on the way. She was on her way back to her quarters and was smiling broadly.

Peter the Ace sat in his command chair. "Thank you." He said to the metalic Justin, taking a large mug of coffee and a plate of cinnamon toast from him.

Justin buzzed and clanked towards the exit. He was met by Panman.

"Hmmm…" Panman exclaimed, sniffing the air. "What a delightful smell of nourishment!" He looked at the cyborg trainee. "Justin, could you get me a plateful of whatever Ace is having?"
Justin grunted and left the bridge.

"Oh, yeah!" Panman shouted after him. "Get me a couple of chicken kebabs as well would you!"

Panman was sure that he heard the word 'fuck' whispered electronically. The sound of Justin's motors faded away.

"Blenheim, how long until we arrive?" Panman asked, taking his position at the weapons console.



Peter the Ace was stuffing toast into his mouth, "It'll be nice to get back to our luxurious apartments again." He said.

"Yeah!" Panman said. "I miss my seven metre, wide screen, high definition, one thousand channel tele-video system."

"Me too!"

Ten minutes later the all-powerful Blenheim slinked out of subspace with refined grace and re-entered the physical universe. Ahead, filling the main view screen, was the most beautiful blue/green planet in the galaxy. Its wispy clouds and perfect, stable climate created a paradise beyond the imaginations of most sentient beings. This remarkable world was known as Enchantia and was the secret location of the Palace of Amino.

One thousand weapons systems locked onto the Blenheim the instant that the ship emerged. After a comprehensive deep scan and identification check, they disengaged.


"Let's sit back and enjoy the ride!" Peter the Ace said, gazing at Enchantia with great affection. "It seems months since we were last here."

"It is!" Panman said, finishing off his second kebab.

"Why yes, you’re right!"

The Blenheim, black and menacing, descended into the atmosphere and powered through the sparse cloud structures. Far below, luscious rainforests, lakes and islands passed by, their astounding magnificence was unbelievable. Elegantly, the ship continued its approach, dipping below the tops of a range of snow capped peaks and weaving through an expansive valley, at the end of which a huge gleaming structure loomed. It was the Palace of Amino. What a glorious sight. Covering almost two hundred square kilometres of land, this metropolis of towers, parks, and restaurants was home to over three million beings, ten thousand of which where bounty hunters. The Central Tower at the centre of the palace was the tallest artificial planet-bound structure in the known galaxy. Over five kilometres high with one thousand levels, it contained the most exclusive training, entertainment and homes of the highest ranking bounty hunters. Powered by several ultra-fusion generators ten kilometres below ground level and defended by a planet wide grid of one thousand super-powerful weapons, this place was, in theory, a fortress of practically unbreachable defenses. Because no enemy force has ever found the palace since its construction three centuries ago, these systems had never been used in anger. The system's formal specification, drafted by the esteemed mathematician Lord Nimal Nissanke, resulted in the value 'true', so it should work.

With perfect precision, the Blenheim touched down in a private hanger bay half way up the Central Tower. A crowd of several hundred bounty hunters, engineers, trainees and caterers had gathered to greet the return of their heroes.

The crowd gasped as the exit ramp lowered, its hydraulics hissing deeply. Tara was the first to leave. The crowd, aware of her kidnapping, gave her a round of applause as she elegantly walked across the landing pad to Commander Pepe who was waiting to greet the new arrivals. Jayne Eye-Catcher was next. A cheer rang out as she erotically wandered down the ramp. She was a big favourite with the trainees. Everyone fell silent as the mechanical Justin clanked his way onto the landing pad. No one had a clue as to who this glass domed cyborg was. Peter the Ace and Panman appeared. A cheer that would deafen a Gorgon's father erupted as they walked down the ramp, waving at their fans. Shouts of "Ace we love you!" and "Panman's the man!" echoed around the hanger bay. The two galactic heroes walked assertively over to the commander. Tara, Jayne Eye-Catcher and Justin were standing nearby.

"Welcome home!" The outrageously obese commander said, shaking both of their hands.

"Thank you, commander." Peter the Ace said. "It is a shame that we had to return under such unfortunate circumstances."

"Indeed." The commander replied. "The T.A.R. Command came as a shock to us all."

"The galaxy and even the Palace of Amino are in grave danger. It was the only option that we had."

"You are both wise as always."

"A mother of a general meeting must be called." Panman said with unusual seriousness.

"Of course." Commander Pepe said. "The Great Hall is being prepared as we speak. You will have all of the audio visual presentation aids at your disposal."

"Cool!" Panman said.

"There are over three thousand bounty hunters on their way back here; they should all arrive within the next twenty four hours."

"That’s excellent news." Peter the Ace said.

"Commander," Panman said, "we have two people in our detention cells. One is Lew Brain Ache. He seems to be possessed by demonic forces and needs medical attention."

"I'll get a team in there right away." The commander said. "Who is the other person?"

"Ken Kasino."

"You have arrested Ken Kasino, the second most wicked and ghastly criminal overlord in the known galaxy?"

"Yeah!" Panman said proudly. "Cool don't you think?"

"He must be put on trial for his heinous crimes against numerous lifeforms and civilisations." Peter the Ace said.

"Yes. It will be done!" Commander Pepe agreed. "All of you should get some rest. Return to you dwellings. Tara, guest quarters have been prepared for you."

"Thank you." She said politely.

Everyone made their way through the screaming multitude to the elevators. Peter the Ace, Panman and Jayne Eye-Catcher went up to their penthouse apartments, two kilometres further up the tower. Tara was escorted by Commander Pepe to her guest quarters on level four hundred and one. Justin went down to his basement bedsit on level minus sixty six.

A state of serenity existed in the void of space. With apparent insignificance, a small metallic object emerged from subspace half a million miles from Enchantia. The tiny craft turned its synthetic eye towards the exquisite world and began a slow approach. All systems were functioning well. With blinding accuracy, a yellow beam of light engulfed the device. All systems failed in an instant as it dissolved into vapour and diffused silently into the vacuum. The state of serenity returned.

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