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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 24: Total Amino Recall

The mighty Blenheim blasted out of the Sousea Ocean and thundered through the blue skies of Lemmingia into the molecule vacant void of space.

"What a marvellous rescue!" Panman exclaimed proudly. "We can certainly kick ass when we need to."

"Indeed we can." Peter the Ace agreed, activating the auto-flight systems. "Right. Let's go and see how Lew Brain Ache and Jayne Eye-Catcher are doing."

The two galactic heros left the bridge and made their way through the comfortable passageways to the sickbay.

Tara was watching over the two rescued bounty hunters just as Peter the Ace had asked her to. According to the multi coloured instrument panels above her head, Jayne Eye-Catcher was about to regain consciousness. She turned to Lew Brain Ache's bed opposite. He was frothing at the mouth like a psychopathic psychopath and was sending the instrument readings haywire. Occasional satanic coughs propelled squidgy lumps of phlegm splattering around the room.

Fowl! Tara thought, turning to face Jayne Eye-Catcher once again. Her instrument readings looked very good indeed.

Jayne Eye-Catcher opened her eyes and sat up abruptly, ready for anything. The high-tech sickbay confused her and sent thoughts of sordid experimentation shooting through her mind.

"You'll never use me for your depraved pleasure!" She shouted, glaring at Tara.

Tara took a couple of steps backwards, startled at the sudden turn of events. Jayne Eye-Catcher leapt into the air, somersaulting gracefully and unsheathing her gleaming battle knife with sensual swiftness. She landed in front of Tara and pressed her against a wall panel, the blade ready to penetrate her jugular vein at a moments notice. "Explain yourself bitch, or die!"

Tara hated that word. "How dare you speak to me like that!" She smacked her knee hard into Jayne Eye-Catcher's well toned abdominals causing her to step backwards and recoil in pain. Making use of a wide open opportunity, Tara brought her two clenched fists pounding down onto the back of the bounty hunter's head. Jayne Eye-Catcher fell to the floor, stunned. She recovered in a split second and grabbed Tara's leg, pulling her to the ground.

"I'm going to gut you like a fish!" She cried, holding Tara down with one hand and wielding her superb knife in the other.

"No!" Tara yelled as the knife began its rapid descent towards her bulging chest.

"Calm yourselves, ladies!" Peter the Ace demanded, entering the room.

Panman raced in and dived at Jayne Eye-Catcher, knocking her away with a millisecond to spare.

Tara got to her feet and ran to hide behind Peter the Ace. "She's completely disturbed!"

"No." Peter the Ace said intelligently. "She simply reacted the way any highly trained bounty hunter would in the same situation."

"And what way is that?"

"Act psycho and go nuts. In other words, use insanity as a weapon."

Jayne Eye-Catcher looked up at the person who had pinned her to the ground. "Panman!" She looked to her left. "Peter the Ace! Am I glad to see you guys! That bitch was trying to perform perverted libidinous research on me!"

"Tara?" Peter the Ace exclaimed. "Of course she wasn't. He turned to look at Tara. "You weren't, where you?"

Tara looked back, shocked. "No!"

"That's okay then." Peter the Ace said with relief. "There's no room for perverts on this ship."

Tara stormed out of the sickbay and back to her quarters. She hated to be accused of depraved behaviour.

Panman released his grip on Jayne Eye-Catcher and helped her to her feet.

Jayne Eye-Catcher brushed herself down seductively. "So," she said, her voice calmer, "where am I?"

"You are on board the Blenheim!" Panman replied proudly.

"Wow!" she cried. "The Blenheim! That's so cool! I've always wanted to see your new ship. I was going to come and look at it a few months ago when you first got it back at the palace but you left on your mission before I had the chance."

"Well, you have the chance now!"

"Indeed I do, but Lew Brain Ache and I have some important information about Lawrence's battle fleet. I should let you see it. It's vitally important and concerns the future of civilisation as we know it."

"Sounds Heavy." Peter the Ace said. "Panman, see if you can help Lew Brain Ache, he seems in a very bad way. Jayne Eye-Catcher, join me on the bridge. Let's see what you've got."

Peter the Ace walked briskly out of the room, closely followed by the alluring Jayne Eye-Catcher. Panman watched her pass vivaciously by. With digitally intensified will power, he cleared his mind of her striking image and turned to face Lew Brain Ache. The plump little bounty hunter was still lying on the bed, frothing at the mouth in a particularly satanic and repugnant way, occasionally fluttering his eyelids with soul biting rectitude.

"What's up with you, fat little buddy?" Panman asked, examining the instrumentation that surrounded Lew Brain Ache's bed. The readings on the various display screens continued to be erratic to the extreme.

Several digital parameters suddenly increased in value and held at their maximum.

Strange, Panman thought, someone with these readings would normally suffer a cerebral implosion of immense magnitude. His megatronic brain must be inordinately strong.

Lew Brain Ache sat up and regurgitated several gallons of greyish vomit around the room, showering most of the medical devices and almost hitting Panman, who managed to leap out of the way with augmented agility and style.

Hmm, Panman thought, a new definition of the word 'sickbay' perhaps!

Lew Brain Ache's eyes were wide open and shone a deep, threatening shade of scarlet. They stared at Panman with dark severity. "Join with me!" The obese little bounty hunter said. "Let us breed vicious demons of doom!"

"You're demented!" Panman said in a surprised fashion.

"Procreate with me now!" Lew Brain Ache shouted, tumbling off the bed and landing in a bloated heap on the smooth floor. He got to his feet and tried to grab Panman.

Panman pushed him hard, sending the possessed lard bucket slamming into the opposite wall.

"You must bear my fiendish progeny!"

Lew Brain Ache charged at Panman and attempted to grasp his waist. The attempt failed With outstanding flexibility, Panman's left boot connected with Lew Brain Ache's chubby foaming face, catapulting him into the ceiling with brutal power.

"He's is seriously maladjusted!" Panman said with great composure, peeling Lew Brain Ache off some overhead equipment. He fell to the floor in a swollen mound of unconsciousness. What a mess.

Peter the Ace gazed at the viewscreen that was displaying the information that Jayne Eye-Catcher and Lew Brain Ache had accidently intercepted during their relief mission to Starvonius XIV, a poverty stricken planet dangerously close to the centre of the Sombreus Nebula and its pirate cultures. They had been followed and shot down shortly after they had embarked on their return journey.

"This is very serious indeed!" Peter the Ace said. "Lawrence is much more powerful that I could have imagined. Not only has he got a battle fleet of over one hundred thousand ships, he also has half a million terror troops, an unholy army of the night, and ten thousand fowl smelling ogres that are currently trying to find the secret location of the Palace of Amino!"

"Time is of the essence." Jayne Eye-Catcher said in cliched fashion.

"Indeed!" Peter the Ace agreed with cool placidity. "This information must be returned to the Palace of Amino immediately. There's only one thing that we can do in such a dire situation."

"You don't mean…"

"Yes!" Peter the Ace replied with great importance. "I must issue the T.A.R. command!"

Jayne Eye-Catcher stared at Peter the Ace and looked shocked. T.A.R. stood for Total Amino Recall. This command, when transmitted, ordered all bounty hunters to abandon their current missions and return to the Palace of Amino. It was a command only available to the most respected bounty hunters and had never been used before.

Peter the Ace walked over to the communications console. He skilfully entered a secret combination of shrewd key presses with the precision of a degree level typist. After a few seconds the console bleeped and the main viewscreen came to life.



"Blenheim," He said assertively, "take us home - maximum subspace velocity!"


The Blenheim's course altered automatically and its Gargantua Drive Systems powered into life. The ship distorted its way into subspace with efficient ease.

"How long until we arrive at the palace?"


"We should make use of this time for relaxation." Peter the Ace said with great insight. "It may be the last chance we get for quite a while!"

"You’re right." Jayne Eye-Catcher said, getting to her feet. "Do you know what?"


"I'm starved! I haven't eaten for days."

"No problem! I got Justin to make something for you earlier!" Peter the Ace operated the internal communications panel. "Justin?"


"Jayne Eye-Catcher would like to eat now. Take the sandwiches and salad to her quarters."

"What about the melted hog fat?"

"Check with Panman. I think Lew Brain Ache may still be unconscious."


Communication ceased. Peter the Ace and Jayne Eye-Catcher left the bridge.

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