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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 23: The Last Oxygen Molecule

Jayne Eye-Catcher Gasped for breath. The oxygen supply in the submersible shuttle was running low and the temperature was dropping rapidly. She turned to look at Lew Brain Ache. He was in a really bad way. His eyes continued to glow a dull shade of red behind his eyelids. Streams of steaming saliva dribbled repugnantly from the corners of his wide open mouth.

"I wish you were more than just a useless glob of bloated flesh." She said weakly. "Your synthetic brain would come in very useful right now."

Lew Brain Ache sat up straight, coughed up a lump of green bile which splattered onto the forward view port, then returned to his original condition. Jayne Eye-Catcher shuddered in disgust and turned to look at the only functioning display screen. What appeared to be gibberish was flickering wildly in several pastel shades of green. She slammed her fist into it with great annoyance. If she hadn't been weakened by the lack of air, she would have easily pulverised the screen completely.

A distant flash of light from above drew Jayne Eye-Catcher back from near unconsciousness. She looked up through the overhead view port. Searchlights could be seen. They were coming towards her down the abyss.

"Oh, great!" she said. "Those midget dudes have found us."

Jayne Eye-Catcher watched as the lights drew closer, desperately trying to think of a way to escape.

Without warning, a huge explosion occurred. The sound wave shook the shuttle and boomed through its hull. A rapid interplay of searing energy beams commenced above, illuminating the surrounding cliff walls. With spectacular force, another set of immense explosions rocked the shuttle, their flashes of heat cooking a shoal of one thousand and twenty small fish that were swimming curiously by. Yet another monumental blast occurred as a stray beam lashed into the opposite side of the abyss, showering molten rock in all directions. Jayne Eye-Catcher covered her eyes as the blinding flash illuminated the sub-surface scenery. Several cooling stones hit the shuttle with a deafening crunch.

"What's going on?" She said, returning her gaze to the overhead view port.

Beams of multi-coloured light continued to criss-cross their way across the upper areas of the vast chasm. Several more blinding explosions ripped through the dense waters. Debris had started to pass by the shuttle, on its way down to a chilling, high pressure grave. Chunks of scorched metal of various sizes descended by the view ports. Suddenly, the charred body of a midget dude landed on the overhead view port, it's face contorted with pain. The stupendous pressure put it out of its misery as its head caved in completely, brains oozing out of the cracks in its skull like toothpaste from a tube. A mass of other incinerated body parts fell close by. The battle ceased as suddenly as it had started. All was quiet, except for a low hum that seemed to be gaining in amplitude every second. Bright spotlights focused on the shuttle. Jayne Eye-Catcher prepared herself for the worst.

I'll take as many of them with me as I can! She said to herself deliriously as her lungs absorbed the last oxygen molecule.

The lights grew bright, the hum grew louder, and deep vibrations filled the small craft.

“Who ever they are I'll break them ten times worse than they can break me!” Jayne Eye-Catcher mumbled. Her consciousness was about to evaporate. "They may have slaughtered those midgets but I bet they're not expecting to find a highly dangerous bounty hunter from the Great Hall of the Palace of Ami…"

Jayne Eye-Catcher’s consciousness evaporated.

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