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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 19: Multiple Stabbing Spree

Lawrence stalked in an evil and diabolical way around the lavishly decorated rooms of his secret safety chambers, hidden deep within the central core of his immense starship. Warning lights on the nearby console indicated that the ship was heavily damaged. He walked over to a view screen that was displaying the Blenheim's last known position. It showed only empty space, surrounded by the gas clouds of the Sombreus Nebula.

"Bastard bounty hunks!" He screamed in rage, smashing his head against a nearby control panel. He roared into a communicator. "Dabamkangan!"

"Err… Yes, my lord?" Came the fragile reply.

"Come to my secret chambers."

"Err… The ship is in trouble. I should stay and assist with the re…"

"NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" Lawrence shrieked.

"Yes, my Lord."

Communication ceased. Lawrence was completely mad. Mad in every way possible. How could two bounty hunters, a slim innocent girl and some insignificant guy in an unfashionable sweatshirt escape through the thousands of guards and weapons systems that filled this immense behemoth of a mother vessel?

Why do I have such an incompetent, stupid, thick, doltish crew? Lawrence thought, strutting darkly around, only my armies of foul smelling ogres can be trusted to perform their duties properly, but they are spread throughout my fleet. Never mind, they will soon do my biding.

A bell sounded at the doorway.

"Enter." Lawrence said with sinister calm.

The door opened efficiently. Dabamkangan walked sheepishly into the room. "Yes, my Lord?" he said shakily.

"Come here my friend." The lord of filth said.

The chief technical officer stumbled awkwardly forward.

"Your cyborg seemed to be ineffective against the bounty hunters."

"Yes, my Lord."


"Well… I may have underestimated their skills."

"Underestimated their skills!" Lawrence bellowed into Dabamkangan's left ear, perforating his eardrum.

Dabamkangan grimaced in pain. "Next time I will get it right."

"Next time?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"What next time?"

"The next time that we encounter the bou…"

Damankangan felt a sharp pain emanate from his abdominal region. He looked down. Lawrence had thrust a large bladed knife into him.
"There will be no next time." Lawrence said, smiling like a demon. He twisted the knife.

Dabamkangan screamed in agony.

Lawrence withdrew the blade and began a manic multiple stabbing spree. The technical officer's blood and guts flew into the air. "Ha ha Harr!!!" Lawrence laughed, grabbing Dabamkangan's lower intestines and dragging them around the room.

Dabamkangan's cries of torment soon disappeared as life finally left him.

Lawrence looked at the mess. "Ha ha harr!!!" He bellowed inanely. He walked over to the console. "Computer," he said calmly, "send a subspace message to all of my generals. Tell them that I want a report from each of them in one hour."


The doom lord smiled. His vast fleets of battleships would soon reach their targets and wreak havoc on various strategically chosen worlds. The fact that Peter the Ace and Panman were still alive was annoying, but it was not an insurmountable problem.

"Ha ha harr!!!"

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