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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 11: The Fangor

"It's gone!" Jayne Eye-Catcher whispered, brandishing a golden dagger of petrifying sharpness. She placed it carefully back into its sheath on her belt. It was the only weapon that she'd been able to recover after the crash. She was lucky. Her companion Lew Brain Ache Brain Ache, a short, chubby man with an artificial brain, had recovered nothing from the accident.

"Thank God!" Lew Brain Ache said staring at her. She was the most gorgeous female that he had ever seen. Her slim yet muscular figure was complemented by the black leather body suit that she wore. Her black hair and tanned complexion sent ripples of intense desire shuddering through his soul. How lucky he was to have her as a partner.

"Night will fall soon." Jayne Eye-Catcher Eye-Catcher said serenely. "We must reach those caves."

Lew Brain Ache agreed. They both crept out from the cover of the bushes and headed through the light undergrowth towards the cliff face that housed the caves. On the horizon to the west, the twin suns of Blister-Alpha and Blister-Beta were descending slowly below the tree tops. Above, storm clouds, grey and threatening, gathered ominously.

A roar of ear shattering volume erupted from behind. They turned around. The Fangor, a large, two-legged lizard with twelve inch teeth was back. Jayne Eye-Catcher drew her dagger. Lew Brain Ache dived into a nearby ditch and buried his face in some dung. Anything was better than facing a creature of such strength and ferociousness.

"Okay you bitch!" Jayne Eye-Catcher shouted confidently. "Come and get it!"

The Fangor lunged forward, snapping it's huge jaws shut with a tremendous crunch. Jayne Eye-Catcher leapt sideways and lashed at the lizard's face, slicing deep into its nostrils. It howled as a stream of dark blood pumped profusely from the wound. It turned to find Jayne Eye-Catcher. She had sprinted speedily to its tail and was eagerly hacking away. Chunks of scaly flesh scattered into the air. The Fangor grunted in a deafening fashion and swung the remains of its tail at Jayne Eye-Catcher. She attempted to avoid the large appendage without success. The force of the impact sent her flying thirty metres through the air. She landed heavily, dropping the dagger. The giant lizard thudded its way towards her. She watched, dazed, as it approached. With great willpower she managed to grab her weapon. Just as the Fangor had come to a standstill directly over her she thrust the dagger hard into its chest. It tried to howl in pain but made no sound. Its chest cavity and lungs were severely punctured. Jayne Eye-Catcher withdrew the knife and thrust upwards again, this time aiming for the lizard's belly. Again it tried to howl in pain as she hacked and slashed at the creature’s guts. Blood stained intestines and various lacerated organs began to fall out onto her. The Fangor’s legs gave way. She managed to roll clear as the Fangor crashed to the ground with a thunderous boom. Copious amounts of blood flowed freely from its wide mouth.

Jayne Eye-Catcher got to her feet, re-sheathed her dagger, and wiped some of the mess off her suit.

"You can get up now, you chubby little yellow belly." She said wearily.

Lew Brain Ache sat up and wiped the dung off his face. He looked at the dead Fangor. "Well done!" He said, sincerely.

"Let's go." Jayne Eye-Catcher said.

They both walked quickly to the cliff face.

"Are you still sending the distress call?" Jayne Eye-Catcher asked.

Lew Brain Ache nodded. "My Megatronic brain has been broadcasting it since the crash."

"I hope that the Palace of Amino picks it up soon."

"So do I."

They began to climb. The two suns had disappeared below the horizon. A low rumble of thunder echoed all around.

"If only we'd raised the shields a millisecond earlier those pirates wouldn't have destroyed our drive systems." Jayne Eye-Catcher said angrily.

"We can't blame ourselves." Lew Brain Ache said. "They came at us so fast."

"We have to blame ourselves; the Sombreus Nebula is less than a light year from this planet. We should have been prepared for a possible attack!" Jayne Eye-Catcher looked down at Lew Brain Ache who was struggling to keep up with her as she efficiently clambered up the rock face. "Why didn't your superior brain anticipate a possible attack?"

"I don't know." He replied breathlessly, admiring her butt. "Not even I am perfect!"

Lew Brain Ache and Jayne Eye-Catcher were both bounty hunters. Jayne Eye-Catcher had been selected because of her strength, agility, beauty, and fighting skill. Lew Brain Ache had been selected only because of the exceptionally powerful cognitive ability of his megatronic brain, fitted at birth when it was discovered that his biological brain was the size of a nutrient starved acorn. His physical ability was limited to primitive eating binges and occasional hardcore gambling sessions.

After five minutes of strenuous climbing, the two bounty hunters reached one of the cave entrances. They crept inside. A few seconds later the dense clouds burst and a torrential downpour ensued. Thunder clapped loudly directly overhead. They were safe, at least for now.

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