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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 9: Blubbard and Gaunt

Twelve powerfully attired generals sat silently around a large, oval table. An evil, twisted, mentally unstable madman walked ominously round and round. After a few long, tension filled minutes the madman spoke.

"Generals,” Lawrence said, seating himself in the lavishly leathered chair at the head of the table, "our time is fast approaching." He stared psychotically at his military overseers. "The fleet will be divided as planned." He continued. "General Blubbard and General Gaunt?"

"Yes, my Lord?" They answered in unison.

"I have changed your missions. General Blubbard, you are too locate and destroy the Superior Beings of the Great Hall of the Palace of Amino."

The general was shocked. "But the location of that place has remained a secret since its construction; even the name of the planet where it’s located is unknown!"

"You will succeed!" Lawrence shouted.

"Legend speaks of unbreachable defences!"

"Your fleet will be doubled in size." Lawrence said with forced calm. "You will take with you two thousand ships."

"But I think that those vessels would serve a much better purpose attacking the…"

"Do you defy me?" Lawrence yelled. He stood and slammed his fists hard onto the table. The fires of Hades burned in his eyes.

"Of course not, my Lord."

"Good." Lawrence cooled down. "I have every confidence in you, General." He said walking to a position just behind the nervous Blubbard. "In fact, I am so confident that you will be victorious that there is no need for me to tell you of your slow disembowelment if you fail, is there?"

Lawrence leaned over General Blubbard's shoulder and whispered in his ear. "Is there?"

"No my, Lord." Came the feeble reply.


Lawrence walked over to General Gaunt who was sitting opposite. "I can see that you are desperate to know your new mission!" He said with sinister overtones.

"Yes my Lord." Came the lame reply.

"It's very very simple!" Lawrence said with glee. "I want you to take your fleet to the star Sterilia and wait."

"Wait for what, my Lord?".

"Just wait!" Lawrence bellowed, punching General Gaunt in the back of the head.

"Yes my, Lord" The general replied weakly.

"I will inform you of the reason why you must wait there later." Lawrence calmed down. "As for the rest of you." He continued. "Depart on your missions at once."

The generals stared at Lawrence.

"Now!!!" He shrieked.

The generals quickly got to their feet and scurried away to their command ships.

"You too, General Gaunt."

General Gaunt nodded and hurriedly left the room with immense relief.

"Now, General Blubbard."

"Yes, my Lord?"

"Tell me how you intend to find the Palace of Amino."

General Blubbard gulped. He was clueless!

Less than an hour later, nine huge fleets of menacing and powerful starships departed the Sombreus Nebula on missions of mass destruction and mutilation. Lawrence's evil dream of galactic conquest was slowly becoming a reality. Not long after, General Blubbard, after successfully blurting some bullshit to Lawrence about how he was going to tackle his mission, guided his ships away.

Lawrence watched from a viewport as the last of the starships blasted into subspace. "Ken Kasino hasn't contacted me." He said, turning away from the star-filled view. "That must mean that he has failed. Never mind. Once those bounty hunters find out about Tara, they will rush here to save her. Then they will be mine!"

After a moments thought, Lawrence walked slowly over to a communications panel. "Chief Technical Officer Dabamkangan?"

A throaty voice replied. "Yes, my lord?"

"The game is afoot, Dabamkangan. I hope for your sake that your work is completed?"

"Yes, my lord, it's ready."

"Good!" Lawrence smiled crookedly. "Prepare it for activation on my command."

"Yes my, lord."

Lawrence laughed inanely for almost thirty minutes.

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