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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 5: Vitreous Fluid

The eyes of Trog-Head were bloodshot and evil. Peter the Ace stared into them. He spoke calmly. "I will ask this for the last time. Where is Lawrence?"

Trog-Head smiled, her saggy facial features tightening. "Fuck you, you mother fucking fuck off fuck machine!"

Peter the Ace swiftly drew his large warrior battle knife from its sheath. It glinted in the soft orange lighting of the casino. "Answer the question."

He said, placing the tip of the blade below Trog-Head's triple chin.

"You don't scare me, bounty fucker." Trog-Head said confidently.

Peter the Ace had had enough. He thrust hard, penetrating Trog-Head's tough hide and sending the razor-sharp, serrated steel blade deep into the creature’s neck. The crunching of bone was heard as he twisted the knife. Trog-Head’s body shook violently.

"Fucker!" Trog-Head gargled, blood frothing from it's mouth.

Peter the Ace thrust deeper. Trog-Head's body stopped shaking as it's spinal cord was cut. The bounty hunter pulled the knife out and stabbed again, this time into Trog-Head's left eye. He pushed hard, using virtually his whole body weight. The twelve inch blade disappeared into Trog-Head's brain. A vacant stare filled it’s face. Vitreous fluid bubbled gently out of it's sliced eyeball, mixing with blood as it flowed onto the floor. Trog-Head appeared to be dead.

"Why didn't the truth serum work?" Panman asked.

Peter the Ace withdrew the knife. " Trog-Head was obviously immune." He replied, wiping the blade clean and placing it back into it's sheath.

"At least we know where to look next!" Panman said excitedly, picking up a small device off the floor.

"What's that?" Peter the Ace asked.

"It's an electronic card key for the Ken Kasino Corporation headquarters!"

"I should have known that he would be involved." Peter the Ace said walking briskly towards the exit. "Let's go."

Panman followed.

"Hey!" One of the barmen shouted. "Who's going to clean this mess up?"

"You are!" Both of the bounty hunters replied in unison. They left the building.

Outside incessant rain pounded down all around, drenching the roadway. Torrents of contaminated water rumbled by causing problems for the four six inch tall Diminutons that were trying to cross the street. Clothed in rather fashionable silver all weather jackets, the tiny inhabitants of the planet Infinitesima were having immense trouble wading through the fast flowing water.

"Buia!!" One of them shouted, grabbing his nearest companion tightly.

His companion looked angry. "Hia Duia Buia!!" He shouted as his jacket sleeve was ripped off. "Duarr bausia!" He lost his balance and was washed away down a drainage hole.

"Bob!" The first Diminuton yelled. He too, lost his balance and was washed into the drain.

"Rob!" Another Diminuton shouted as she was washed away.

The remaining Diminuton looked despairingly at the drainage hole. "Bob, Rob, Babs!" He howled, depressed beyond belief. He pulled a minuscule pistol out of his jacket and aimed it at his head. "Dabuia foka!" He exclaimed loudly, pulling the trigger. A loud, soggy slap echoed around the nearby buildings as the small being's head split apart in several directions. His body, limp and lifeless, was washed away into the sewerage system below.

"How far is Ken Kasino's building?" Panman asked.

"Let's ask that tourist information booth." Peter the Ace said.

The two bounty hunters walked across the road, avoiding the remains of a Diminuton's head that was floating around in the rain water. The booth, black with the letters 'TI' splattered all over it, opened as they approached. They entered. The door closed behind them.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" The booth said as it's display screens buzzed into life.

"Tell me where the Ken Kasino corporation building is please." Peter the Ace said commandingly.

A map of Hadus's central districts appeared on one of the monitors. "THE KEN KASINO CORPORATION HEADQUARTERS BUILDING IS LOCATED IN SECTOR 7G, DISTRICT FIFTEEN, ROUTE NINE, GRID NUMBER 21921." A small red square started to flash on the map.

"Where are we and how far away is that from here?"

"YOU ARE LOCATED IN SECTOR 19B, DISTRICT EIGHT, ROUTE TWENTY TWO, INFORMATION BOOTH 188A." A small green square started to flash on the map. "THE DISTANCE BY ROUTEWAY TO THE KEN KASINO CORPORATION HEADQUARTERS BUILDING FROM THIS LOCATION IS 17.392 KILOMETRES." The most appropriate route was highlighted on the map in a jolly shade of pastel pink.

"That's too far to walk." Panman said. "Where is the nearest car hire place?"


"That's just down the road!" Panman exclaimed excitedly. "Let's go!"

The two bounty hunters tried to exit the booth. The door refused to open.

"PAY ME FIFTY CREDITS" The booth demanded.

Peter the Ace turned and looked at the machine. "Fifty credits!" He said in disbelief. "No way!"


"Panman," Peter the Ace said calmly, "go to it."

Panman pulled out his laser pistol and began to fire at the door, cutting large chunks out of it with each blast.

"THIS ACTIVITY IS ILLEGAL." The machine announced.

Peter the Ace armed and fired his neural disruptor at the booth's screens. Electrical sparks flew in all directions as the information machine's memory was scrambled and fried.

"BUGGER!" The machine said. Its screens faded to black.

"Let's go get us a car." Peter the Ace said.

The two heroes headed out into the soaked streets.

"Ken Kasino is a powerful dude." Panman said.

"He is indeed!" Peter the Ace agreed as they made their way through the dank crowded streets. "I’m quite certain that Lawrence told him his location."

"How do we get to Ken? He'll have his building heavily fortified."

"We'll find a way."

Fast Ferdinand's Car Hire Heaven was in sight.

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