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Book: Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino
Chapter 4: Small Hairy Dude

Tara stood by the huge windows of the gym and looked out across the wonderful Pristina Lakelands. The warm sunlight glistened on her sexy, well-toned, perspiring body. Dressed in a very minimal white leotard, she was indeed an alluring woman of extreme beauty. She walked over to one of the leg press machines and began another set, her muscles contracting and relaxing with erotic perfection.

Tara lived with her father, Lord Mray-Khan on the planet Exquisia, situated on the edge of the Opulene Sector, the most expensive and luxurious part of the galaxy. The entire planet was owned by Lord Mray-Khan. Their home, the Exalz Palace had over four hundred thousand rooms and stretched for seven miles along the shoreline of the Agua River. Ten thousand family members lived with them.

Without warning, the palace's defence systems went into action. Tara stopped exercising and wandered over to the window. Laser fire could be seen coursing its way into the clear blue sky. A large, dark object appeared to be their target. The blasts of energy were hitting it but with no apparent effect. It began to return the fire. The room shook violently as beams of white heat laced straight through the palace's shields and sliced huge chunks out of the walls. Tara screamed and fell backwards as one of the beams touched the window, vaporising it completely. A small craft, blacker than the bad black gloom rats of the Tenebrous Nebula, appeared outside and hovered next to where the window had once been. A hatchway hissed open. Two figures, heavily armoured and carrying massive weapons, emerged and grabbed Tara. She screamed as she was bundled into the vessel. The hatched closed behind her. She felt her weight increase as the ship began to ascend at colossal speed.

The interior of the craft was strange. In front of her was a large, padded pink leather chair in which sat a small, hairy dude. He was chuckling quietly to himself. "We got her!" She heard him say. "He'll be pleased with me, he'll reward me for this!"

Through the cockpit window, the sky darkened and stars became visible. They were approaching the dark object that she had seen earlier. It was a starship of gigantic proportions. Laser fire was still hitting it, with no effect.

"What do you want with me?" She said, trying to hide her fear.

"Shut up!" The small hairy dude said, directing the craft towards an opening in the side of the mammoth ship.

"You shut up!" She said angrily, kicking the back of his chair. He fell forward, hitting his head hard against the control panel. His nose split into two, gushing blood. He sat up and turned around.

"Bitch!" He said, slapping her hard across the face.

She slipped into unconsciousness. The small craft landed softly in its hanger bay. The two armoured guards carried Tara out through the hatchway.

The small hairy dude followed. "We have her!" He shouted happily.

A large viewscreen on the hanger bay wall shimmered to life. A face, twisted and evil appeared and spoke. "Well done!" Lawrence said sonorously. "Bring her to my chambers."

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