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Book: The Nomads and the Mind Machine
Chapter 38: A Few Seconds of Unprotected Time

Wearing a full environment suit, Panman drifted in the zero gravity of the Blenheim’s lower cargo bay and waited patiently as the large door in the bay’s floor slid shut.

Drifting just a few metres over the closing door of the bay was the horrifically bloated and writhing mass of Mama Flesh.  Her face was contorted and her mouth wide open, and the skin all over her body was blistered and cracked.  She was obviously screaming, but her screams were unheard in the vacuum. 

The cargo bay door finally closed.  With a loud hiss the bay rapidly re-pressurised.  The deca-whore’s disturbing moans reverberated off the walls, and then she wheezed and puffed as her gigantic chest desperately sucked in a huge lungful of air.

Touching a control on the side of the cargo bay Panman turned the gravity back on.  Immediately he fell to the floor, landing squarely on his feet.  He watched with a smile as the naked mound of Mama Flesh slammed into the floor, her skin splitting wide open in several places.  She had obviously not fully thawed out from her short trip through the frigid void outside.

With her obscenely pendulous breasts splayed out beneath her, the giant whore looked up at Panman.  She spoke, blood oozing from deep cracks in her chapped and swollen lips.  Her eyes narrowed.  “Why did you put me out into space?”  Her voice was slurred and weak and her breathing was noisy and laboured.

Panman opened his helmet.  It whirred gently as it retracted over his head.  “Sorry, but we had to transfer you over here as quickly as possible.  There was no other way to do it.”

Mama Flesh forced a smile.  “I see…  So, you want to keep me on your ship now, do you?”  She tried to roll onto her back.  She winced and tears welled in her eyes.  “You want me, don’t you?”

 “No way!  You’re the most revolting accumulation of flab and flesh I’ve ever seen!  And your vicious and depraved crimes are sickening beyond belief.  You’re here so that you can be taken back to the Palace of Amino to experience the full force of Amino Justice.”

The deca-whore struggled in a vein attempt to get up.  She slumped back to the floor.  Slow ripples spread out across the acres of fat that padded her body.  With her face half-buried in several of her breasts she looked up at the bounty hunter.  She wheezed.  “You will not be able to resist me for long.  Give in to your desires.  Bury yourself in my abundant…”

Panman’s heavy boot smacked right through her multiple chins and into her jawbone.  Mama Flesh’s head snapped back and she passed immediately into unconsciousness.

The bounty hunter’s communicator activated.  “How’s our new over-sized guest?” Peter the Ace asked.

“Annoying.”  Panman replied.  “I had to render her unconscious.”

Understandable.  Will she live?

“It looks like it, although she suffered greatly during her time out in space.  Her skin’s covered in deep lesions, and it’s starting to flake off in places.

That’s to be expected.  A few seconds of unprotected time in space would do that to the best of us.”

 “She’s covered with an incredibly thick layer of flab so internally she’s likely to be fine. But if you like I’ll do a quick scan of her to double check.”

No, there’s no time.  Get back up to the bridge.  We’re closing in fast on the Sadeeni flagship.  We’ll be there in one minute.”

“Cool!  On my way.”

Panman, leapt into his seat at his weapons console on the Blenheim’s bridge.  “What’s happening?”

Peter the Ace pointed to the main view-screen.  It showed an enhanced view of the rear of the giant Sadeeni flagship surround by data and charts.  “The repairs to their subspace engines seem to be progressing well – faster than I expected, in fact.  I believe we have less than ten minutes before they can activate them.”

“Whoa!  We’ll have to be quick!”


A stream of energy fire erupted from the Sadeeni ship. The Blenheim shook.

Peter the Ace spoke into his communicator.  “You all know what to do.  Off you go!”  He switched his console over to manual and grinned as another blast of energy hit.  He rolled the ship, and then angled it down, skimming just metres above the Sadeeni ship’s engine section.  There was a violent slam as the Blenheim passed through the Sadeeni ship’s weakened energy shield.  Peter the Ace banked the ship to starboard and squeezed it between several exposed bulkheads.  “We’re going in.  Time for you to shine, Panman!”

“This is going to be so sweet!”  Panman said, laughing.  As the Blenheim sank into the depths of the giant Sadeeni ship’s exposed framework the bounty hunter activated a spread of sustained disruptor fire.  Several bulkheads dissolved under the onslaught.  A large detonation behind sent a shockwave shuddering through the Blenheim.

“Careful now, Panman.  We want to make sure that ship can get into subspace.”

“Sorry, Ace.  My finger slipped!”

“Sure it did!”  Peter the Ace said with a wry smile.  He rolled the Blenheim once more and arced up and out of the Sadeeni ship.  He pointed at the sensor screens.  “Mister Moth and Miss Beast Feaster seem to be in position and approaching fast.”  A series of huge detonation lit up the screens.  The front of the Sadeeni ship spit apart.  “And it looks like Ross Mental’s diversion is right on cue.”

A voice cracked over the communicator.  “Fuck you all, you sad fuckin’ Sadeeni fuckers!

Another detonation rocked the front of the giant ship.

Peter the Ace ignored the foul-mouthed bounty hunter’s typical outburst.  He directed the Blenheim back towards the engine section of the Sadeeni ship.  Several energy blasts tore into the Blenheim’s shields.


Panman was surprised.  “Amazing!  Despite its horrendous levels of damage that Sadeeni ship can still pack a punch!”

“Indeed.”  Peter the Ace said.  “It’s never wise to underestimate a ship, even one as badly damaged as this.”  He activated his communicator.  “Mister Moth.  Miss Beast Feaster.  This must be our final communication.  What’s your status?”

Cardigan Moth replied.  “Ready and on course.  I will enter the honeycomb of channels inside the Sadeeni ship in two minutes.

A response from Mistress Beast Feaster followed.  “I’m ready, too.  We will dock with each other and settle in our hiding place soon after we enter that ship.

“Excellent.  Then all that remains is for me to wish you well on your unusually long and distant mission.  I look forward to hearing of your exploits in the Fornax galaxy in around six years time, and I’m sure the whole of the Palace of Amino will be looking forward to that too when they learn of your mission.”

Thank you.”  Mistress Beast Feaster said.  “It is a great honour to have been given the chance to go on such an epic mission – especially a mission planned by the two greatest bounty hunters ever to exist!

“Calm yourself, Miss Beast Feaster.  Concentrate on the task at hand.”

Sorry, I will.

“Good luck to you both, and remember, this final diversion will have to look as good as possible so it will be extremely rough on you and your ships.  Enjoy!  Peter the Ace out.”

The huge three-kilometre wide engine section of the Sadeeni flagship dominated the view from Cardigan Moth’s ship.  Beyond, occasional and blinding flashes of light could be seen – the result of the Blenheim and the Morbid’s relentless diversionary attacks.  And judging by the lack of attention that had been paid to his ship and Mistress Beast Feaster’s, Cardigan Moth knew the diversions were working.  All he and Mistress Beast Feaster had to do now was slip inside the Sadeeni flagship when the final diversion by the Blenheim was unleashed.

According the sensors the moment of that diversion was imminent.

Cardigan Moth activated his communicator and made a call to the Pig, which was flying right behind.  “Mistress Beast Feaster.  Five seconds.”

The reply was swift.  “I’m ready.  I’ll follow your lead.

As the engine section of the Sadeeni ship loomed even larger through the viewport, Cardigan Moth angled his ship up and accelerated.  In a smooth and tight arc the Horizontal Assassin passed over the mammoth engines, rolling as it did so.  The Pig followed only metres behind.

A dazzling burst of intense light, brighter than anything seen before, illuminated the top side of the Sadeeni flagship. 

“Maximum shields!”  Cardigan Moth shouted.  For a brief moment the bounty hunter marvelled at the staggering amount of damage the gargantuan vessel had sustained.

And then the blast wave hit.

Buffeted like a puppy in a washing machine, the Horizontal Assassin was forced down towards the skeletal surface of the Sadeeni ship.

Through the viewport Cardigan Moth could seen the force of the blast ripping away some of the more exposed bulkheads.  A ring of fire was spreading for kilometres across the back of the ship.  Fighting to maintain control, the bounty hunter guided his ship down beneath the outer layers of the Sadeeni ship and into its confines.  The sensor screen showed Mistress Beast Feaster’s ship following erratically close behind.  Cardigan Moth spoke into the communicator.  “Steady yourself.  There will be some tight manoeuvring to be done in a few seconds.”

Don’t worry.  I’m in full control.

Cardigan Moth noticed that twice now the Pig had scrapped against two bulkheads.  But he knew better than to mention such things to a female.

Zigzagging through several crumpled sections the Horizontal Assassin and the Pig flew deeper into the Sadeeni flagship and into an ever tightening series of tunnels.

          The sensor panel bleeped.  Cardigan Moth examined the screen.  “I’m detecting a power build-up within this ship.  I believe it’s preparing to engage its subspace engines.  Dock with me immediately.”

Have you found a suitable hiding place yet?

“My sensors indicate a possible location about a kilometre ahead.  We must reach it and secure ourselves before this ship accelerates to subspace speed, otherwise we risk smashing into the sides of these tunnels and revealing our presence.”

OK.  Pulling alongside now.”

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