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Book: The Nomads and the Mind Machine
Chapter 13: Oils and Creams

With his stomach full of some of the richest food available and feeling more relaxed, Governor Ykcor had retired to his vast vaulted bed chamber.  Now dressed in a deep green bath robe, and with a pink cocktail in his right hand, he walked slowly across the deep blue carpeting to a curved set of railings.  From his galleried sleeping area he looked down at his lavishly-equipped relaxation terrace.  His massage table, whirlpool bath, steam room and mud bath, along with ample supplies of oils and creams, were ready and waiting.  Three white-coated female masseurs, immaculately toned and tanned, stood patiently at their posts, ready to treat the governor whenever he wished.

The governor smiled as he thought about the level of privilege assigned to his office.  It was extraordinary.  As well as this opulent penthouse residence, with its four levels, three hanger bays, huge hundred metre wide open terrace and a staff of thirty, and an amazing office suite and private landing area at the Government Tower, he had holiday homes on four different planets, three luxuriously specified star ships, twelve air limousines, and an unlimited expense account on top of that.  Even though he had been governor of Repugnius for more than a century he still tried hard not take his privilege for granted.  He knew that it could all be taken away if he lost the confidence of his people.  And the incident with Mama Flesh looked like it could do just that.  Even though the rumours on the media channels were completely unfounded, the governor knew the power of the media on this world.  It would take a lot of effort for him to regain the trust and respect of his people.  Using the services of a whore – even a quadra-whore – was acceptable for a government official.  But a deca-whore was a different matter entirely.  For reasons beyond the governor’s understanding those ten breasts were considered highly illegal.  If his people believed the rumours he could be out of office by the end of the year.

Hopefully his people would be smarter than that.

Beyond the relaxation terrace was a crescent of some of the largest windows on Repugnius.  Stretching way up to the ornate vaulted ceiling ten metres above, the windows offered the governor a spectacular view of the city’s skyline, and particularly a view down the length of Prime Avenue, the longest street in the city.  At a hundred metres wide, the avenue was lined with vast towers adorned with video-screens and billboards that went all the way down to street level advertising the city’s vast array of personal services.  It was a gloriously colourful sight, and one of the city’s premier tourist attractions.

The governor took a sip of his cocktail, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  He savoured the sweet decadent aroma of the oils below and the fine scent of his masseurs’ perfume.  Finally he could relax.

A bell sounded three times.

The governor opened his eyes.  With the quiet hum of unseen motors, metal shutters rose up over the giant windows.  Rapidly the wonderful view was erased.

Annoyed, the governor reached over to a small table to his left.  He pressed a switch on a communicator panel.  “What’s happening?”

His effeminate bodyguard replied.  “Another explosion has been detected near the GovernmentTower, governor – this time beneath the city platform.  As a precaution we have activated your residence’s shield.

The governor sighed.  “I understand.  Do you have any details?”

Not at the moment.  I’ll inform you when we consider the threat to have subsided.

“Thank you.”

Governor Ykcor ended the call.  Gulping back the rest of his cocktail, he put the glass down and walked over to the large bed at the centre of the chamber.  He got up onto the silken sheets and activated a control panel at the side of the bed.  From out of the floor at the foot of the bed a large video screen rose up and shimmered to life.  The governor flicked through several channels until he found a news channel.  Perhaps the media would have more information.

An image of a crowd of gravely obese people filled the screen.  “…distribution of vomit is estimated to be one of the widest ever known.  Four of those arrested admitted performing the illegal stomach enlargement procedures on more than 80 already clinically obese patients.  They will be sentenced, punished and cremated tomorrow at dawn.  Watch the proceedings live on our breakfast show.

The image on the screen changed to a well-groomed but gaunt man.  His greying hair was gelled into numerous spikes and curls.  He spoke.  “And now, a preview of tonight’s edition of ‘Talkalot’.

A swirl of graphics spread across the screen accompanied by some high-tempo music.  “Tonight on ‘Talkalot’: Is the recent spate of mutant sightings a sign that the SymetraTemple’s prediction of a mutant uprising is coming true?  We speak to the temple’s leader and founder, Gaylord Funk, and self-made mutant, Helga Bulj.

“Also, two sexual deviancy experts join us to discuss today’s revelation that Governor Ykcor has had a deeply repulsive and filthy physical relationship with a deca-whore.  We’ll be covering the medical issues the governor could be facing, and also showing ultra-realistic 3D computer simulations of the sordid romps the governor is likely to have had with the ten-breasted lard-ridden whore.

Governor Ykcor turned off the screen.  It descended back into the floor.  Anger swelled inside him.  He slammed his fist into the bed.

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