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Book: The Nomads and the Mind Machine
Chapter 7: The Curiosity of a Bounty Hunter

Aj Nin Spoke.  “It is done.  The dome is installed.  All workers are leaving.  The countdown has commenced.”

Yug Evahsadeen looked down at Aj.  He stroked the black fur on his chin.  “Good.”  He turned and stepped over to the side of the concrete-walled room and touched a control surface.  A small display-screen descended from the ceiling and came to rest next to him.  Technical diagrams appeared.  A large number at the top of the screen was counting down.  “We will depart in three hours.”

Aj Nin nodded.  “There is one other matter.”

Yug looked down again.  “Which is?”

“Assistant Muts is outside.  He wishes to speak to you on an urgent matter.”

“Then bring him in.”

Aj Nin nodded.  He turned and walked over to the entrance.  He operated a control, sending the concrete-coated door up into the ceiling.  “Enter.”

Albium Muts scurried in, his shoes scraping across the hard floor.  He stopped in the centre of the room and looked around.  He fidgeted nervously.

Yug Evahsadeen approached the bald and polished little man.  “What is it that is so urgent?”

Assistant Muts looked up at Yug.  “Two bounty hunters are here.  They are curious about the renovations.  They sent me to gather information for them.”

Yug nodded.  “I see.  It’s unfortunate that this should happen now.”

The assistant nodded once.  “I tried to deflect their interest but…”

Yug stroked the assistant’s smooth head with his furry hand.  “Don’t fret.  The curiosity of a bounty hunter is almost impossible to quash.  Only death will achieve such a feat.”  He smiled at the assistant.  “Arrange it.”

Albium Muts’s eyes widened.  “They are waiting for me in the Bloodbath restaurant.  I will have to wait until…”

“There is no time for waiting.”

“But many upper-class individuals with obscene amounts of…”

Yug was adamant.  “There is no time.”

Albium Muts nodded.  “It will be arranged immediately.”

“Good.  See to it.”

The assistant turned and scurried away.

Yug spoke.  “One more thing.”

Assistant Muts stopped and looked back.  “Of course.  What is it?”

“In less than three hours we will be gone.  Return before that time for your reward.”

The assistant smiled and nodded.  “It will be an honour.  I have been waiting many years for this!”

Yug smiled.  “That’s good to hear.  Now go!”

Albiam Muts hurried away.

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