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Book: Mechanism
Chapter 2: Occasional Static Charges

The hyper-real dimension of sub-space, just beyond the rim of the Milky Way galaxy, was straining to contain something. That something was a craft of preposterous dimensions. It was a perfect pyramid, two thousand and thirty kilometres in height, and was covered in a network of many thousands of interlocked antennae protruding out hundreds of kilometres in all directions. It was the most immense star ship ever to approach this area of the universe.

As the inconceivable vessel made its rapid entry through the galactic boundary, the sub-spatial temporal distortions it created caused havoc on the stars and planets that it ventured close to. Atmospheres dissipated, life forms suffered instant mutation, power supplies were cut off, and sporting events were cancelled without even a minutes notice.

Who or what was in control of such an unfeasible and incredible ship? Where did it come from? Where was it going? Why was it going there? And whose idea was it to paint it purple?

Time will tell.

The being rose into the air and hovered half a metre above its habitation bowl. Undulations rippled gently around its mid section, severing the connections to a web of nourishment dendrites. They fell away, spreading thinly over the bowl. It moaned, turned, and then began to drift slowly over a grid of girders, its featureless, limbless oily form glistening in the single magenta spot of light emanating from high above.

After a minute, the girders gave way to a deep and seemingly bottomless chamber of dark, pulsing energy. Occasional static charges of power leapt up then down through the depths. Just ahead, barely visible in the blackness, was a column of curvaceous design. The being reached it and lingered next to its smooth reflective surface. Light burst forth from within the column’s nucleus and filtered across to the being’s body.

The being spoke. “Ocular core. Interface now.”

A bland form shimmered into view on a screen of suspended mist. “Zyix Taskmaster interfaced, Xjaq Dominator.

“Locality update?”

Supreme life system realised within precinct three.” Zyix Taskmaster said. “Approach vector clarified.

Xjaq Dominator leaned closer to the screen. “Blood essence?”




“Accepted! Despatch Ton’e. Program for test extraction.”

Zyix Taskmaster’s smooth head nodded. “Initiating... Launched.

“Interface when completed.”


The screen of mist faded to nothing. Xjaq Dominator paused for a moment, and then floated away from the column.

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