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Book: Mechanism

Demented and compulsive gambling freaks from all sectors of the galaxy would slip into an endless waking coma of euphoric delight if they were to ever set foot inside one of the Palace of Amino’s luxurious casinos. One establishment in particular would induce this mind disrupting effect:

The Admiral Torpedo Gambling Chamber

Level 622-631 Central Tower

Inner District 1

The Palace of Amino

Planet Enchantia

(Qualified bounty hunters only)

What a truly remarkable and impressive place! Ten levels of the most blissful and abundant gambling systems ever devised. Gaming machines, holo-lotteries, fortune wheels, death-drop ligament breakers, to name but a few. The favourite though, is also one of the most traditional. Roulette! The Admiral Torpedo Gambling Chamber has more than three thousand roulette tables in constant use twenty four hours a day. Indeed, the game is classified as so important that advanced playing techniques are taught during years thirty one to thirty six of bounty hunter training. It is believed that it encourages a student to take absurdly dangerous risks in the pursuit of success; an essential skill when it comes to the stalking, capturing, and ruthless annihilation of genocidal psychopaths. A great way to nurture and build the insanity within.

The casino is named after a much adored bounty hunter of the last century. His name was Admiral Torpedo, the word ‘Admiral’ being his first name, not rank. He was the first bounty hunter to graduate from the academy after Peter the Ace and Panman made roulette technique a compulsory part of the advanced training regime. On his very first solo mission, Admiral Torpedo utilised his newly acquired gambling skills and insanity to single-handedly destroy an entire race of scalpel brandishing freethinkers, intent on carving away and digesting the soft tissue of a defenceless tribe of tree-dwelling pacifists living in the adjoining valley. When you take into account the fact that Admiral Torpedo was isolated from his ship and weapons, and had to use the screw tip of a bottle opener to slaughter the freethinkers, his momentous achievement becomes apparent. Without the lessons learned during roulette classes, he would never have taken such a stupidly ludicrous risk and the pacifists would have died in mortal torment.

Unfortunately, Admiral Torpedo was decapitated three weeks later in a freak boating accident at ‘Zero Gravity Liquid Luxury World’, an orbiting water theme park deep at the heart of the Haz’R-Dos Zone, a region renowned for its lack of safety regulations.

The Central Tower Gambling Chamber was renamed the Admiral Torpedo Gambling Chamber shortly afterwards.

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