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Book: Vengeance of the Lump-Being

The party ran for three incredible days, quickly spreading out from the towering central districts of the palace and out across its parks, lakes, sports arenas, and centres of academic excellence. All restaurants were packed, all bars were crammed, and all pharmacies were cleaned out of effervescent morning after medication. It was an outstanding display of bounty hunter joviality.

The wildest, coolest, and most happening place to be throughout the party was, of course, the enormously impressive Central Tower. Or more specifically, right on the tower’s roof more than five kilometres above the ground at the exclusive party of Peter the Ace and Panman.

Only the most elite and most respected individuals were invited. Commander Pepe was there with his senior staff. Most top class bounty hunters turned up too, along with their alluring and well-toned assistants. Sind’a Thighs, the palace’s highest achieving fast-track trainee, was also there, wowing the other guests with her feats of mental, athletic, and sexual prowess.

The most thrilling sight, though, was Panman’s outrageously bizarre blind-folded rocket-assisted bungee jumping display. Like a manic yoyo, he had bounced and swung through the towers, kicking off rooftops and stretching round spires, and once he even bounced off the spherical glass prison of the lump-being, waking the filthy creature from a deep and disgusting sleep. The bounty hunter ended his performance with a high-altitude arc that had stretched his rope to its limit. Remarkable!

Even before the party ended the Superior Beings, deep in their vast cavern far below the surface, had started their work to re-conceal the Palace of Amino. Using their enigmatic transcendentalistic powers the sagacious and repugnant life forms started to move the entire planet Enchantia, sending it on a course out of the Miasmica Nebula towards a new and secret location many light years away. The move would take many years and would consume all the time and mental energy of the Superior Beings, exhausting them to a near-death state. But the effort would be worthwhile; for once again the position of the mighty home of the bounty hunters would be concealed from the illicit minds of the malevolent forces that wished its destruction. Once again the Milky Way galaxy’s most potent crime-fighting enterprise would be free to exert its influence without hindrance or attack.

At least for a while, anyway…

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