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Book: Vengeance of the Lump-Being
Chapter 12: Visible Evidence

The second chamber was twice the size of the first, and like the first shaped into a monumental dome hollowed out of solid bedrock. At the centre of the chamber was a five hundred metre wide shaft, out of which rose a slim core that spread to form a wide disk half way up to the chamber’s ceiling. Red energy rippled up the core and out across the disk, causing its smooth surface to shimmer like an ephemeral nasal fiend.

Following the lump-being Pys Phecees’s emotive induction speech, the recruits had been lead into the second chamber. They were now gathered around the shaft at the centre of the chamber, surrounded by several hundred black-cloaked figures. They were awaiting work assignments on whatever it was that Pys Phecees’s Cause required of them.

Ross Mental leaned on the chest high railing and looked down into the huge shaft. For as far as he could see, gantries, platforms, walkways, and balconies jutted out from the shaft’s smooth lining, each one filled with red-dressed humanoids. The humanoids toiled feverously, dedicated to their tasks.

“This shaft goes on for fuckin’ ever!”

Old Rinkle was standing next to the bounty hunter. He smiled proudly. “Not quite, my friend, but it does go all the way to the centre of the planet.”

Justin was also looking into the shaft. The incredible weight of his cyborg body was buckling the railing as he leaned over it. “Rinkle’s statement is almost accurate.” He said, as the distance sensors in his eyes took precise measurements. “This shaft is six-thousand three-hundred and ninety-two kilometres deep. The shaft’s base is only sixty-one kilometres from the core of Gun-Loc.”

“What the fuck is it for?”

“This shaft and its core are similar in design to the power generator beneath the Palace of Amino, which provides all the palace’s power requirements by utilising the geo-thermal energy beneath Enchantia’s crust. The shaft of the Palace of Amino’s power generator is only thirty-four kilometres deep.”

The bounty hunter thought deeply for a moment. “The palace’s power requirements are fuckin’ huge. If the palace’s power generator shaft is only thirty-four kilometres deep, and can provide all the palace’s power requirements, then this shaft’s potential power output is almost beyond fuckin’ comprehension!”

Justin responded dryly. “I estimate that this power generator has the ability to generate one-hundred and eighty-eight times more energy that the power generator at the Palace of Amino.”

A revelation hit Ross Mental like a wrecking ball. “This is what that fuckin’ lumpy fucker is going to use to try and destroy us!” He said to Justin. He pointed up to the giant disk-like structure high above. “The power’s going to be focused directly through that massive fuckin’ dish!”

The cyborg agreed. “That is a logical interpretation of the visible evidence before us.”

The crowd around them started moving. Rinkle tapped on the bounty hunter’s shoulder. “Come, you must receive your work assignments from the Assigner.”

Ross Mental was thoughtful as he followed the old man. He spoke quietly to Justin. “So, if that festering lump is going to try and destroy bounty hunters, he’ll have to wait until that dish is pointing at the Palace of Amino. We’ve got to figure out when that’ll be, then we’ll know how long we have to destroy that fuckin’ weapon. Hopefully we’ll have weeks of time, maybe months. And if we can get a message back to the palace, the Superior Beings may have enough time to use their fuck off transcendental powers and move Enchantia to a safe location.”

Justin hobbled alongside the bounty hunter. He was silent for a few seconds, and then spoke. “Based on my data concerning the spatial positioning of Gun-Loc, its position relative to Enchantia, and its rotational period and orientation, we have ten point three days until the dish points directly at the Palace of Amino.”


Justin continued. “My calculations have not taken into account the mechanism of delivery used to transmit the energy to Enchantia.”

Ross Mental looked up at the cyborg. “Why the fuck not?”

“I have no current information available to determine the method of transmission. I will need to examine the transmission system.”

The bounty hunter nodded. “I guess you fuckin’ will. Where do you think we’ll find it?”

“The logical location for the transmission system is the centre of the dish.”

The bounty hunter looked up. Hundreds of metres above, the colossal disk shimmered in a most mysterious manner. Looking closely, he could make out figures working on the dish’s underside, hung from gantries and hovering on platforms. “We need to get up there.”

One of the black-cloaked figures approached, his black spherical helmet completely concealing the being inside.

Old Rinkle waved at the figure, and then bowed. “Assigner. I am Rinkle - recruiter 9-488. My two recruits desire assignments to aid in the success of this glorious Cause.”

Ross Mental whispered to the old man. “We’d like to work up on the dish. Ask the Assigner to send us up there.”

Rinkle whispered back. “You can’t request a specific assignment, my friend. Don’t worry. All assignments are considered a great honour, and will…”

The bounty hunter grabbed Rinkle’s wrist and squeezed, almost crushing the old man’s bones. “Just ask the fucker! OK?”

The old man nodded. “Assigner, forgive my insolence, but my two recruits wish to be assigned to the dish.”

The figure stood before them, tall, silent, and unmoving.

Ross Mental squeezed Rinkle’s wrist. “Convince the fucker!”

The old man spoke again. “Um… It’s their dream to be up high and look down on this momentous device. Please grant their request, and they will work doubly hard on their assignments.”

The figure spoke; it’s voice hollow and flat. “Requests for specific assignments are never granted.”

Rinkle turned and whispered to the Ross Mental. “See. You must accept whatever...”

The black-cloaked figure continued. “But, as all new recruits are being assigned to the dish anyway, I guess you can consider the request granted.” He handed two red bracelets to Rinkle. “Here are the assignments. Take you’re recruits up to the topside of the dish on the next available transport. They are to begin work immediately.”

Rinkle bowed. “As you wish, Assigner.” He turned, breathing a sign of relief, and then smiled at Ross Mental. “You really put me on the spot there, my friend!” He handed the bounty hunter the two bracelets. “Please put one on, and give the other to your comrade.” He walked away. “Follow me and I’ll take you up to the dish.”

Ross Mental put on his bracelet. He grinned at Justin, handing him the other. “It seems that luck is on our side, metal fucker!” He walked after Rinkle.

Justin Followed. He had no choice but to wear the bracelet as a ring. “Luck was not a factor. It is logical that the dish would be the last part of the device to be completed. And as construction of the disk is already well progressed, it was also logical that we would…”

Ross Mental’s reinforced fist smacked into Justin’s charred metal face. The bounty hunter glared at the cyborg. He clenched his teeth. “Don’t ever quote fuckin’ logic to me again!”

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