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Book: Vengeance of the Lump-Being
Chapter 6: Irritating Scraping Noise

The bright single moon of Gun-Loc cast a spooky blue light over the sheer cliffs of Mys-Syle. To the east, the ocean glistened, gently lapping at the craggy shoreline.

“That’s a rare sight indeed.” Old Rinkle said, as he guided his battered vehicle along the winding road at the foot of the cliff face.

Ross Mental looked ahead. “What are you talking about?”

“The moonlight on the cliffs. Like our sun, thick layers of cloud almost always hide our moon. Nights are usually completely dark, but look! Everything is visible and deep blue.”

“Fuckin’ great!” the bounty hunter said.

“It is!” Old Rinkle agreed, failing as always to notice Ross Mental’s sarcasm. “Only twice before have I seen the night so clear and light.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! The first time was on my fifteenth birthday. I was following the girl next door, trying to get a glimpse of her…”

Ross Mental yelled. “Shut the fuck up! What’s wrong with you?”

The old man turned and looked at the bounty hunter. “There is nothing wrong with me, my friend.”

“You’re definitely fucked up!”

“Everything will become clear, once you enter the subterranean chambers of the Cause.”

The bounty hunter looked at the chronometer on the vehicle’s dashboard. “It’s ten after midnight. You said we’d be there well before midnight. You lied, you old fucker!”

“Relax, my friend. The entrance to the chambers is just around the next headland. We’ll be there in five minutes.”

“We’d fuckin’ better be!”

Twenty-two minutes later old Rinkle drew his decrepit vehicle to a halt at the side of the road and turned off the engine. “Here we are.”

Ross Mental pulled at his door. It slid back with a highly irritating scraping noise. He stepped out and looked up. The cliff face, hundreds of metres tall, towered above. The sky beyond twinked with a myriad of stars.

Old Rinkle joined the bounty hunter and followed his gaze. “Magnificent, isn’t it!”

Ross Mental looked at the old man. “Well?”

“Well what?” old Rinkle asked.

“Where’s the fuckin’ entrance?!”

Old Rinkle smiled. “Patience, my friend. It is hidden well. Let’s get your friend out of the back of my vehicle first.” He walked round to the back doors and pulled them open. Justin’s servos whizzed and groaned as he clambered out onto the road. The vehicle rose noticeably as he did so. The mechanoid hobbled over to the bounty hunter, his tarpaulin disguise flapping in the breeze.

Old Rinkle slammed the back doors then walked up to Ross Mental and Justin. “OK, please follow me.” He headed off to towards the cliff a few metres away from the road. Ross Mental and Justin followed.

When he reached the cliff face, old Rinkle stopped and turned. “Here we are. Come and stand close to me.”

“Is this a fuckin’ joke?!” The bounty hunter said. “There’s nothing here!”

“Have faith, my friend. The Cause knows we’re here. We will be summoned shortly.”

Justin clanked into position next to the old man.

Two seconds passed…

Without warning the ground beneath their feet disappeared. Old Rinkle, Ross Mental, and Justin fell into darkness…

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