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Book: Rise of the Dough Monster

In a succulent warm valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains of impeccable beauty lies a most wondrous place.

Hundreds of gleaming towers rise up into a clear blue sky, reflecting and scattering light in subtle hues of gold and silver. It is a sight that inspires dreams and feeds desire. It is a sight that clears the mind and the sinuses of all blockage. It is a sight that would make a magnificent poster for the bedroom of a student. It is also a sight that is so secret, so well hidden, that most mortal entities never have or never will see it.

That place, that sight, is the magnificent Palace of Amino.

Within its awesomely armoured perimeter walls are the most marvellous holo-cinemas, bowling alleys, casinos, Jacuzzis, video arcades, theatres, sports stadiums, theme parks and landscaped gardens in the entire galaxy. It has the most luxurious and impressive apartments, houses, conference centres, shopping malls, health clubs, plastic surgery clinics, hair replacement centres, and aquariums ever constructed. Thousands of restaurants serve every kind of doughnut, muffin, pancake, pizza, pie, bun, sandwich, soup, pudding, meat, fish, vegetable, and beverage ever known, conceived, or genetically engineered.

What is the reason for this concealed paradise of entertainment, opulence, and nourishment? The answer is simple. It is the home and training centre of the most revered and respected beings ever to have existed.

Who are they? You may ask. These clues should help. They are feared by the heinous, loathed by the disobedient, and detested by the criminally insane. They are famous for their brutal and exceptionally successful miscreant eradication techniques. They are the heroes of heroes and the role models of role models. They are what all sentient life forms subconsciously strive to be. They are, of course, the Bounty Hunters of the Palace of Amino.

It was more than four years ago, Earth reference year 2388 A.D. to be exact, that the battle for the Palace of Amino took place. An enormous fleet of tens of thousands of ships, from skull fighters to giant war vessels, attacked the bounty hunters’ haven under the command of the diabolical lord of putrid remains, Lawrence. Whilst his evil death squadrons attacked the orbital defences, his unholy army of drooling, decomposing zombies launched a lumbering ground offensive, and managed to breach the perimeter wall. The palace was in danger of complete takeover.

Eventually, after a tough, stress inducing, blood letting fight, the courage, strength, and will power of the bounty hunters overpowered the incredible might of the invading forces, annihilating them completely. Even Lawrence, it was thought, could not have survived.

Peace returned. The palace's defences, tested for the first time in battle, were repaired and improved. Training methods were revised and up dated, and new weapons were developed and constructed. After several months of hard work by the service and engineering staff, the Palace of Amino was now, more than ever, a virtually impenetrable fortress of stunning specification.

With the secret location of the Palace of Amino now common knowledge, the Superior Beings had no choice but execute a profound and complex plan. Using their unique and enigmatic transcendentalistic psychokinetic powers, they moved the entire planet several thousand light years to a new position deep within the heart of a dense nebula.

Once again, the bounty hunters of the Palace of Amino could maim, slaughter, and butcher the forces of depravity that threatened the stability of all respectable, middle class worlds. Once again, they were safe in the knowledge that their lavish home world was secure from prying eyes. And once again, missions of extreme importance and violence could be undertaken, and entire civilisations saved and protected from the degenerate forces of doom that permeate the social and economic infrastructures of the galaxy.

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